The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀

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You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 - Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $200,000 smartphone unboxing.
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SadraTime 2 perccel
Who else saw Rick at 8:10?
msonar3h 8 perccel
*That Phone Alarm Better Part Me To Wake Up,and Serve Me Breakfast In Bed*
Apokailypse Z
Apokailypse Z 8 perccel
9:25 that’s what she said
Apokailypse Z
Apokailypse Z 16 perccel
0:24 phone just randomly drops out of nowhere
Ns Reshad
Ns Reshad 21 perce
The cat you have is Limited edition 😂💝
hari ganguli
hari ganguli Órája
It was such a disappointment 🤣🤣🤣 all they did was slap some gold on the most latest phone.🤡🤡🤡
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Órája
0:24 why tf was that so smooth
•Sunrise• Órája
8:13 noooo i got rickrolled
parthiban k
parthiban k Órája
gonna glue my iphone 7 to my wall and sell it as Iphone home edition
Shiv Mittal
Shiv Mittal 2 órája
15:23 What is that?
Maxwell the luxray
Maxwell the luxray 3 órája
300k phone unboxing when Literally made from space debris
Shiv Mittal
Shiv Mittal 3 órája
2:19 I would like to see the bloopers of this scene
Ani Avdalyan
Ani Avdalyan 3 órája
hake101_ai 3 órája
Jeff Bezos
Blaze 010
Blaze 010 4 órája
8:12 look above.
Mohammad 4 órája
look at that shit🤣
Lawlaka Gurion Tanod
Lawlaka Gurion Tanod 4 órája
the S21+phantom red is pretty
Christopher 4 órája
This time long I wonder who the hell edits these videos in such quality in a really short time...
Celo YT
Celo YT 5 órája
i was watching this with my s7 edge
iziex 5 órája
again rickrolled 8:11 😩
2:16 made me drop a like 👍
Reno Agasthya
Reno Agasthya 5 órája
That is really lazy.... In that case, i would just buy some gold, glue it to a phone, named it fish egg then sell it.... and i have 115k dollar in my wallet....
iBlaxoul 5 órája
me looking to the phones and prices: _😱😓_
Reno Agasthya
Reno Agasthya 6 órája
Thats literaly just a 1 kg gold glued into an s21.... if i had money to buy that phone i would rather buy the phone and the gold seperated
Roy Chen
Roy Chen 6 órája
Jayson Pr
Jayson Pr 6 órája
All the phone reviewers now tell "WHO'S THE BOSS"...😎😎😎
naruto red
naruto red 6 órája
The first phone is perfect for dream because dream is a minecraft youtuber and twitcher and hus favorite color is green and he has almost 30m subs
Ant Man
Ant Man 6 órája
The hot huge tub affectively wonder because mouse serendipitously surround from a curly dugout. vigorous, soft spruce
Romeo Biju
Romeo Biju 6 órája
Can I ask any 1 of phone you just show?I don’t want that 170k phone because that just too rich for me. Any phone is ok for me.
dank beast
dank beast 7 órája
Kaha se hai bhai tu
Phoenix 7 órája
Makers of 200000$ phone be like- chutiya bnaya tmko😂😂😂😂
Arabela Nakano
Arabela Nakano 7 órája
The square caterpillar booly pack because unshielded lovely puncture through a garrulous elbow. breakable, juvenile battle
TheeHasFallen 7 órája
Super fun dude
L2qv 8 órája
Akash. B
Akash. B 9 órája
Arun U forgot ur pant right
Bepisdoggo767 9 órája
Don't think I didn't see that rick roll!
DrizZ 9 órája
Quality content✨
Yaboii Gamerz
Yaboii Gamerz 11 órája
No one will go and take these phone outdoor
Yaboii Gamerz
Yaboii Gamerz 11 órája
I will get robed
Yewbdar Petros
Yewbdar Petros 11 órája
half of the phones, was mentioned here, let alone, owned it, by time i finshed looking at it, will be stolen, and expected to pay for it. (: kidding aside, it amazes me to know, phone has lost its definition, as to why was created. to communicate, does it matter how expensive the phone is, does improve the quality of who we communicate with ? these days more money spent on gadgets, and less moral values in people. thank you to the knowledge that you shared.
MO. KAIF 11 órája
Richest person in tech community
Robloxie123 11 órája
I know he probably don’t live with his parents but idk but I’m still gonna say it! His mom says*your grounded give me your phone ! Him ok:( 2 minutes late he takes thousands of phones out of his drawer
nsg ksvh
nsg ksvh 12 órája
The historical wish initially punch because hobbies mechanistically worry round a terrific kick. rainy, substantial gum
Peter Farombi
Peter Farombi 13 órája
Burguler: breaks into t ithis guy's house Burguler: sees literally walls of phones Burguler: that boy bad new, he a menace to society
Gaming With Deso
Gaming With Deso 13 órája
Did any one else see the that’s what she said text
Blackpink In your Area
Blackpink In your Area 14 órája
Damm You richer then Mrbeast
wrecked funtimefoxy
wrecked funtimefoxy 15 órája
Nice click bait
Max 15 órája
Number 2 is a fucking scam
Felipe Lima
Felipe Lima 15 órája
The careful target specifically travel because congo tribally sprout like a squalid kitty. blushing, melodic fiber
koiyzy 16 órája
ill stick with the iphone 12
Opeoka Games
Opeoka Games 16 órája
why would you buy the 170k one... it just a phone with a chunk of gold on it
Sour Agaccini
Sour Agaccini 17 órája
Ack, if only have the money...
Ahmad Taha
Ahmad Taha 18 órája
The last phone was a big bigggggg disappointment
callmebruh 18 órája
i feel like a peasant
Isela Pedroza
Isela Pedroza 18 órája
That $2000 iPhone looks tacky. Those crystals aren't even real; you can get a pack of them at Michael's for like $6.
thealphacheezit 18 órája
16:03 was that sandwich good
Luca Romualdo
Luca Romualdo 19 órája
Apollo Selispeks
Apollo Selispeks 19 órája
People who buy things just because they're expensive are idiots. Literally the problem with humanity. Ego + Greed = downfall of humanity, and the destruction of moral value.
Meldoy32 19 órája
Jeffrey Preston Bezos!
Sarah Luczkowski
Sarah Luczkowski 19 órája
Number 6 got the diamond cami from cod
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 20 órája
16:08 man eating a hamburger
Livore1 20 órája
every< one makes money with these crap things, only the childworkers are the stupids oO for these prices has it to be more than fairtrade and ur vid too
AKHiLESH Kumar 20 órája
Suite looks good on my G
sheldon white
sheldon white 20 órája
Pure gold no cameras on a Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra lol not even that doesn't even work lol lol lol lol 🤣😅
sheldon white
sheldon white 20 órája
That is a corny ass cheap Fitbit tracker 🤦🏿‍♂️
: l
: l 20 órája
Star_Studios 21 órája
My man just got a 7k dollar phone hes eating mcdonald thats why priorities right there.
April’s Universe
April’s Universe 21 órája
Simba is just chilling there
eryikal101 22 órája
Pls editing and quality tutorial
Itz XTRONE 22 órája
You look so beautiful with that suit
Roblox Is life
Roblox Is life 23 órája
Apple a year makes your money disappear
MONECROFT 23 órája
2:20 COL
Krystal Carpenter
Krystal Carpenter Napja
The cluttered purple pathogenetically telephone because grandmother thirdly raise opposite a shocking paint. disgusting, ancient yugoslavian
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke Higashikata Napja
EA + Apple =
santra ak
santra ak Napja
The last ""gold phone "", Dude, it's literally, a 1KG gold biscuit stuck behind Samsung galaxy s21 ultra. And, does that phone even have a rear camera???? Not being sarcastic, but, literally, that phone is just impossible.
Dante Playz
Dante Playz Napja
rip his wallet
Cretello Online
Cretello Online Napja
Wearing Underwear shorts @3:49
Ninja Dad
Ninja Dad Napja
Can you make a "with phone amsr unwrapping" and "without amsr unwrapping"? it's my only gripe hahaha
X-gamer Pro-HD
X-gamer Pro-HD Napja
Anyone with money can buy a gold bar and glue it to a phone. But who would even buy a phone with no cameras 😂 what they just buy it to look cool and to show people they’ve got money that they’ve waited.
Oliver Williams
Oliver Williams Napja
Dylan you're a legit trader and your method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with your strategy
Robert fank
Robert fank 23 órája
My first investment with expert Dylan gave me profits of over $40,300 and ever since then till date he has been delivering no lost always profiting
Robert fank
Robert fank 23 órája
Trading crypto with expert Dylan has been a game changer in my life
Nguyen Joshua
Nguyen Joshua 23 órája
Expert Dylan is obviously the best I invested 9200USD with him and in 5 days I made a profit of 96,000USD no stress and no hidden fees
fank jucld
fank jucld 23 órája
I heard that his strategies are really good
James Howell
James Howell 23 órája
That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Dylan
X-gamer Pro-HD
X-gamer Pro-HD Napja
For sure 200,000😂
Erik Mon
Erik Mon Napja
i just got rick rolled at 8:12 :C
John Napja
RIP his bank account
The Moon R6
The Moon R6 Napja
"thats what she said lmao"
Anime Dude
Anime Dude Napja
Me: I want one My wallet: Hahahahahahaha, wait you're serious?
Kherston Wasli
Kherston Wasli Napja
8:12 i see you rick
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming Napja
Did I just get rickrolled by a phone review? 8:10
TheHolyPatrick Napja
Souhaib Abd'rahman
Souhaib Abd'rahman Napja
*Inaudible HUpostr noises* 😂
VSHK 2710
VSHK 2710 Napja
18:50 they sent you a literal gold bar
xXBlade_51Xx Playz
xXBlade_51Xx Playz Napja
Welp that is highly disappointing.
xXBlade_51Xx Playz
xXBlade_51Xx Playz Napja
Imagine someone steals that phone from you 💀
Levíon Napja
These golden phones are not limited edition, we are doing this 12K-24K-36K-42K gold plating and placing swarovski and its also cheaper than anything google it " goldmystic "
VSHK 2710
VSHK 2710 Napja
Up here in norway, you could buy two Tesla model s long range cars for 170 000. 😭😭😭💀💀💀
J Man
J Man Napja
Quality phones but imagine the shoes you'll buy with that kind of cash
The Truth
The Truth Napja
8:13 Rick Ashley up in the second floor
Suss_Snake Napja
8:10 lol can you spot rick asley?
Sceptic Extra
Sceptic Extra Napja
When he gets to a new phone that’s really expensive someone just throws It to him
Nigar Sultana
Nigar Sultana Napja
Please review axon 30 ultra
PINK Napja
Can you review fiio mp3player.
Nicholas Nelson
Nicholas Nelson Napja
i remember playing games on my parents blackberry
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