Can you ACTUALLY trust Mrwhosetheboss?

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Why nobody buys LG phones:
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Mrwhosetheboss Hónapja
I couldn't find a really in depth video about this topic, so I decided to make one myself - hope it helps clear up sponsored videos on HUpost! 👊 For my last video about why nobody buys LG Smartphones:
Shyam Sunil Karthikeyan
Shyam Sunil Karthikeyan 7 napja
NO can't trust you.
Dinomation 22 napja
Hey I bought that 1$ tablet from you said was awesome and it was 👌
kevin kibet
kevin kibet 27 napja
Wow your trousers are so short.
Xyen Rayleigh
Xyen Rayleigh 27 napja
Arun mrwhosetheboss I'm only waiting for your video of oneplus 9 pro that's why I'm not purchase it rightaways because i believe in your opinion, which is about truth of product, not biased or not misleading.
Miss Roseᴥ
Miss Roseᴥ Hónapja
You have to trust the boss!!
Pokemaster X
Pokemaster X 3 órája
So I should watch your videos from the Maldives
Sangita Rana
Sangita Rana 4 órája
I do trust him instead of technical guruji
Tradin War Stories
Tradin War Stories 4 órája
Pyarun Qardion
Pyarun Qardion 6 órája
Can u do a video about the sasmung tab A7
Ian Smith
Ian Smith 7 órája
I like your videos and reviews I do not buy tech often but do watch just to see what is out there and what your thoughts are on it. I also like the fact that you are in the UK and that your videos are polished and do not usually have awful loud intro music (as so many US ones have). Good luck and best wishes. Never sell out to the MAN!!!
Rick Stickmin
Rick Stickmin 12 órája
2:57 cough cough huel No hate btw just noticed it
Otis 18 órája
i cant imagine people can watch a video like this and not subscribe
M&L Sharp
M&L Sharp 18 órája
Until I saw this, I would have answered a resounding NO. You have a new subscriber.
Albert Moreno Ramos
Albert Moreno Ramos 19 órája
durbanpoison100 19 órája
Wonder how much they paid him for this... Propzzzzzzzz MWTB One of the Realest!
Szilveszter Sáfár
Szilveszter Sáfár 21 órája
Best content on youtube. Utmost respect! 👍
Skeleton Clique
Skeleton Clique 22 órája
Nicko Jr
Nicko Jr 23 órája
That deserved a like 👍❤️
Jose .A Ramirez
Jose .A Ramirez Napja
the only fans jaja
saameer chavan
saameer chavan Napja
"Reviewer!!! I choose you !!!" *Throwing my money 💵 at your recommendations!!*
saameer chavan
saameer chavan Napja
I am a big fanboy seeing THIS video now 😂
Patrick Hewitt
Patrick Hewitt Napja
The thing is people don't have to buy what youtubers pitch to you. You can say no to anything you want.
Victor Obini
Victor Obini Napja
13:50 I've gotta admit that the act seemed very noble n humble
Insert Name
Insert Name Napja
No homo but dayum ur voice is smooth as fuck
Aleksandar Pavlovic
Aleksandar Pavlovic Napja
Victor Ray Robles
Victor Ray Robles Napja
arun...miss gurl...onlyfans?
Unknown Person
Unknown Person Napja
good companies take criticisms.. and improve from that
Gova Murali
Gova Murali Napja
Just curious , what's that spider like gadget on the left? 😄
John X
John X Napja
yes I do trust because you tried to teach people about technology and you tested and shear you opinions thank you for teach us : }
Swampy Napja
This is why u r the boss
jerry mandal
jerry mandal Napja
Ur like the only HUpost who I actually trust with big decisions. Love ur vids man. Keep it going.😃
iisunlxt 2 napja
I think you dropped this👑
Alexander Tatrai
Alexander Tatrai 2 napja
You really do a great job and adressing this topic as a very trusted tech reviewer was long overdue. I really appreciate your work! 🙏
Gandhi Bhoot
Gandhi Bhoot 2 napja
Hi bro
Nikolaus ruben Turcaz
Nikolaus ruben Turcaz 2 napja
I wonder how many HUpostrs think the exact same way you do or similar The way how you think I appreciate your content I really do thank you for making the videos the way how you make them
Codeless 2 napja
"this is also why i dont have An onlyfans account" 😂
Aman Tiwari
Aman Tiwari 2 napja
Lol I blocked every ad like youtube ad, popup ...
Mikael Mo
Mikael Mo 2 napja
Integrity Real care about his viewers Funny, interesting guy I love this More HUpostrs should be like you
Jomel Cervantes
Jomel Cervantes 2 napja
Great video... ingenious content... awesome channel! More power to you. Hope you continue to produce honest and informative videos. Thank you!
PhantomStranger 2 napja
A pubg mobile player is sponsored by 1 plus, his name is Rollex
Andy King
Andy King 2 napja
I've watched your videos for a long time and a few weeks ago I was watching one of your videos, wondering how I could make my life better and make myself happier. I realized I wanted to work with phones in some way. So I applied to work for a major phone carrier in my area and I just found out yesterday that I got the job! Thank you for inspiring me to go for what I want!
Jin 3 napja
What does Huel have to do with a tech channel?
Gaming Central Plays
Gaming Central Plays 3 napja
Just making sure I’m subscribed
Sauce Pimentée
Sauce Pimentée 3 napja
oh crap, now i want to see Mrwhosetheboss onlyfan account :3
I Komang Andika T.
I Komang Andika T. 3 napja
"Can you trust Mrwhosetheboss?" -Mrwhosetheboss
karate 3 napja
Eric Luna
Eric Luna 3 napja
He is the best tech guy I watch his videos all the time
Shanmugavasan Ravindran
Shanmugavasan Ravindran 4 napja
Mohammad Nadeem
Mohammad Nadeem 4 napja
I can't find the love react
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 4 napja
Holy shit! Those are Bitcoin eyes! MrWhosTheBoss is a BTC HOLDER!!!! HODL
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 4 napja
The ossified ornament predominantly concern because plaster partly fit till a dear wolf. small, mundane hot
Jimmy XU
Jimmy XU 4 napja
God I love this guy. Tbh, every time I want to buy something tech related, I always look for this dude, he really shows whose boss 😂
Vihanga Hettiarachchi
Vihanga Hettiarachchi 4 napja
Red&Black to Blue&White, Fav colours of two tech giants, but total oppesite.
Physics 4 napja
Where did you purchase the pikachu shirt?
Nandhagopal E
Nandhagopal E 4 napja
For some reason, This is such a feel good video.!!
safder awan
safder awan 4 napja
Hi aron: you really are a good content creator........btw I really like your all scripts..thanks
Astro Slime
Astro Slime 4 napja
I am just watching a man spit facts!
Praize Logics
Praize Logics 4 napja
Please mr whosetheboss I want to buy LG g8 from aliexpress but I don't know whether it legit so please make a video on lg g8 from aliexpress if you make these video I will really appreciate it thank you by the way am a big fan.
Spud J. Russell
Spud J. Russell 4 napja
Raise your hand if you'd subscribe to Arun's onlyfans... 🤔 🖐️
Alexandru Danciu
Alexandru Danciu 4 napja
Wooow, you're awesome! You actually have 7 million subscribers which is truly amazing! I respect you alot, btw.
The potato Of potato
The potato Of potato 4 napja
This is a person who always knows how to rick roll you Click 4:01 then look at the email.
Василий 4 napja
2:18 "Budget $X,XXX" ok dude. Who you trying to fool with what four-digit number😂 prb forgot to ad another "X"... feigned modesty😬
Grees GH
Grees GH 5 napja
Me : clicks on this video HUpost : hmm get this adds
Elsman WRLD
Elsman WRLD 5 napja
Rhis is why I love your channel. You're a genuibe tech lover
Hitoshi Shinsou
Hitoshi Shinsou 5 napja
Where did you get that Pikachu shirt?
mgodya a
mgodya a 5 napja
This is greatest channel of all time, and I hope you hit 1000000 subs soon❤️
Faithley Adendorff
Faithley Adendorff 5 napja
this is the most interesting youtuber I've ever watched. ill continue watching his videos till the day I pass on. great work keep it up
Next Gen
Next Gen 5 napja
The towering relation osmotically raise because italy fifthly share concerning a jazzy range. magnificent, capable sandra
MPAS TV [GER] 5 napja
I actually started watching your videos because of your editing style, and i didnt care at all about smartphones. But i watched more, and now i really care about smartphones! xD
FlashBack Pika
FlashBack Pika 6 napja
Also Eid
ghost Kelvin
ghost Kelvin 6 napja
Please which is the best online shopping app
Pakistani 6 napja
I love this guy!!!! I am so surprised he cares the trust of his viewers. Cool job bro
Anandatheertan Srinivasan
Anandatheertan Srinivasan 6 napja
Next big trick Phoning and begging random Micronesians to watch my channel in the night🔥
roll the Reality films
roll the Reality films 6 napja
I love Mrwhosetheboss channel PS: this comment is not sponsored
Mohammed Muddassir Fareed
Mohammed Muddassir Fareed 6 napja
0:16 He does this in every video
lll iii
lll iii 6 napja
The harsh daffodil lily kneel because icebreaker interspecifically hand astride a wooden cannon. aggressive, watery camera
Michael Rajchandra
Michael Rajchandra 6 napja
Honesty Pays!!! 68.3 subscribers says it all!!! Thank you for sharing all that... #Respect
BradyRamsey 777
BradyRamsey 777 6 napja
Try Huel with 1/2 Almond milk 1/2 wate!! Trust me🎯🎯
Wilma Barnes
Wilma Barnes 6 napja
The ossified crayfish resultspreviously stare because advertisement directly carry plus a resolute wind. untidy, living loss
Hi Man
Hi Man 6 napja
Crystal Quinlan
Crystal Quinlan 6 napja
So the question is can we trust you and the awnser is yes
salt pepper
salt pepper 6 napja
dont have high expectations on POCO phones working well in USA, if at all! do your homework before buying!
our_rightangle 7 napja
you little piece of shi- *0:19* *4:01*
Stelios Andronikidis
Stelios Andronikidis 7 napja
You are one of my favorite reviewers, keep doing what you do you are very very useful to me and million others.
EricE549 7 napja
ok why not very briefly get the talking points out of the way in like 10 seconds? e.g. "this vpn has 65k users/month, lets you be anonymous, and is 50% off right now." easy money for doing the bare minimum, how it should be.
Ada Enun
Ada Enun 7 napja
I agree with those that recommend #real_hakk on IG he's really good at this😊⁉
Ada Enun
Ada Enun 7 napja
I agree with those that recommend #real_hakk on IG he's really good at this😊⁉
small :-- confirmed
yes, that is all. just yes.
MXICMX 7 napja
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 7 napja
I pay you 10000 bananas to promote bananas. Key points: Can use as a gun, and boomerang.
J.D Sabarish
J.D Sabarish 7 napja
love u bro
Robbie Stallard
Robbie Stallard 7 napja
This is part of the reason I watch your videos. Your one of the you tubers I actually trust. You are very transparent
LeNooby 09
LeNooby 09 7 napja
You really reserve a sub man!!
Neo Z
Neo Z 7 napja
Awesome video :)
Redzone 7 napja
how many times did he clap his hands
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 7 napja
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Apollo Miles
Apollo Miles 8 napja
Yeah I actually did end up buying a merge vr headset from that video you featured in an episode of gadgets. I don't regret doing so.
Manas Ralli
Manas Ralli 8 napja
He is so obviously sponsored by MrWhoseTheBoss
Manas Ralli
Manas Ralli 8 napja
5:53 I mean you could've accepted the sponsor, created the video and uploaded it onto yt. However, you also create a separate channel with the same review where those two lines are said how you want them said and link it in the description of the sponsored video 🧠
Efe Efe
Efe Efe 8 napja
you just Rick Rolled us with that mail screen 4:00
Christoffer Kamronn
Christoffer Kamronn 8 napja
Fantastic video - We need these informations and this level of openness or this industry will soon go under! I am new here, but this video is going to make me stay.!! The one you made on Xiaomi was super - I will like to see more of those in the future.. Like one on BBK?? or what is google up to with there new silicon?? Cheaper phones or tablets?? All the best from Sweden!
Cleared 8 napja
Fun fact about me: The first video i watched in your channel is the wallpaper that kills smartphones.
DON'T buy this Smartphone.
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