Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon.

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Comparison of the Exynos 2100 vs Snapdragon 888 in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Which is better? For why you should almost definitely NOT buy a Rugged Smartphone:
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TigerNationDE - Gaming and Entertainment
TigerNationDE - Gaming and Entertainment 2 órája
Still pissed about such things. I´ve no problem with the difference of the devices at all. But Samsung isn´t communicating it and sells them as the same device.
Malkeet Sran
Malkeet Sran 10 órája
Heat is a big issue
Wtfhow 14 órája
2.1k exynos staff disliked video
Rocking 0828N
Rocking 0828N Napja
Sir 17 5g review gaming and hide features
ajit pawar
ajit pawar 47 perccel
It's nsoadhron hood
Rocking 0828N
Rocking 0828N Napja
Sorry A71 5g
Don Rob
Don Rob Napja
The best thing I can tell you is.... JUST MOVE TO THE UNITED STATES 😂😂😂
Jack Robbo
Jack Robbo Napja
How do I buy the North American version ?
Slot machine Master
Slot machine Master Napja
The FRIDGE wtf, be a man use the FREEZER, I have watched a few different channels on phones and I must say, you are running a pretty solid channel, only 6.8m I can beat that lol
Ivanski Napja
Well, i wanted to buy it but after this..... no.... just no....
Narender Gogi
Narender Gogi 2 napja
exynos is back
ChiefBSM06 2 napja
Does the Samsung s21 ultra have a curved display like the note 20 ultra
Cloud Boy Gaming
Cloud Boy Gaming 2 napja
Samsung is making customers fool. It's cheating. SAME phone SAME model but different SoC inside. Totally misleading shady business practice.
Panstar 88
Panstar 88 2 napja
After update in my s21 ultra aI have almost 800.000 antutu....
Insane killer
Insane killer 2 napja
Atleast exynos is great for poor people like me :'(
Yanni 2 napja
So to keep things simple the performance of the two processors is so similar, 99.9% of the users won't notice any difference between the devices.
Chandra Thoudam
Chandra Thoudam 2 napja
Never buy the exynos ones. I had a very bad like worst experience with Galaxy S10 exynos. It was hanging while charging, choppy while playing game for some times and even heating up while recording video and so many weird things which the Snapdragon S10 never experienced. Exynos is the worst chip.
Uros Radomirovic
Uros Radomirovic 3 napja
To be honest i wolud buy exynos
donthuis 3 napja
As with digital camera tests in the past, the question will always be if pixel peeping and benchmarking differences will be detected by the owners of these units. And as a second thought: what if I continue postprocessing images with other software on a PC like Adobe Lightroom being used now and my latest version of video-editing software? Heat generation is a problem though, but be aware Sony's flagship camera RX100 MKVII sold at the price of the S21 Ultra smartphone does NOT accept continuous shooting. Mind you the limit in 4K is only 5 minutes of shooting per take, 8k is not even offered. Similar restrictions apply to competing Canon camera's like the G7X MKIII. Of course those digital camera's bring quite other benefits to its users, but when you want them to be left at home and use the Smartphone you always carry with you for all your photography and video activities it is something to keep in mind. BTW I noted the wellknown Dpreview site no longer updates its full Smartphone camera tests, just flags up the continuous development of Smartphone camera facilities in general and the chips for them linked to some high-end models. A sign of the times?
Justin White
Justin White 3 napja
So if I was to pick between the two, with a $64 (4.4%) difference in price (AUD), I would be far better off with the Snapdragon version of the phone?
Tobias Boon
Tobias Boon 3 napja
Basic video for elementary school.
Mubble Mann
Mubble Mann 3 napja
But can they run my calendar app?
Jay Kingsun
Jay Kingsun 3 napja
Have you gotten any feedback from Samsung? They seem to not care and are committed to using their Exynos chip. Even if customers don't like it.
saltire546 3 napja
Cheap CPU in Europe Usa Gets the better version .The new £320 Poco f3 has a better Cpu than the Europe version of the 21 ultra.
Tim G
Tim G 3 napja
Yessssssss!!!! Monster hunter fan!!! 🎉 :D
DeceptiveSmoke 4 napja
My Exynos S20 Ultra 5g is fine, no overheating, im running Samsung UI 3.1 with Android 11. no issues here at all, camera is fine, focus is fine. battery is fine. its still a great phone and im pleased with it :)
Ashish Dayal
Ashish Dayal 4 napja
Need your help
Tomas Beckman
Tomas Beckman 4 napja
I just did my benchmark for my s21 ultra and I got 715168 rating on antutubenchmark
ZIG BOX 5 napja
Shuvo Hossain
Shuvo Hossain 5 napja
If you wanna buy for gaming then buy snapdragon.
Tech 'n' Tricks
Tech 'n' Tricks 5 napja
Samsung making us fool by selling two different phones with same name at same price
The Classic Gamer
The Classic Gamer 5 napja
at 4:50 in the USA, we use Fahrenheit for the weather and Celsius for computers. using F for computers is meaningless because the numbers change too fast which is why we use C for computers what I know about computers cant go over 100C which will start malting the PCB and plastics. I don't know what it is in F without googling it. for the whether using F is more accurate than C and the temperature doesn't change as fast
Mohammad Awad
Mohammad Awad 5 napja
not truth
HolloVVpoint 5 napja
This is why I love mrwhostheboss, he loves tech and if something is worse then it is worse, wether that be 3% or 6% or 10% or whatever and that’s not good enough. When you factor in the lower performance across the board your getting a worse performing phone for a more expensive phone, which just isn’t good enough.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 5 napja
The tired orange expectedly wriggle because duck postsurgically coach unlike a humorous birthday. caring, chubby feature
Xiaomi Xiq
Xiaomi Xiq 5 napja
i will wait for Samsung x AMD.
Splosh 5 napja
I hate that samsung uses the exynos in the UK, but atleast it is better than last year and the way I see it is if I don't use a snapdragon version then I will never know the difference
Callum LFC Waugh
Callum LFC Waugh 5 napja
its still really fast
Nur Atikah Razali
Nur Atikah Razali 6 napja
What's wrong with exynos? Anybody please explain to me
banahwa aymentupac
banahwa aymentupac 5 napja
Wrong temperature with this antutu version in exynos
Exynos Is great..
Mr. Z MCOC 6 napja
How do I check which one is in my phone?
Matias Daza
Matias Daza 6 napja
Dannne96 6 napja
You cant test the wifi speed on 2 phones at the same time. Atleast if you dont have a really high speed internet connection
Robert Hollibone
Robert Hollibone 6 napja
Same, trying to view the screen during an Australian summer day is almost impossible (screen automatically dims to try and cool the phone down) while Samsung sell us the inferior version. I won't be buying one (spewing as, the camera sounds amazing) OnePlus 9 pro for me
Musa Toci
Musa Toci 6 napja
Now that you understand that the Chinese chip is present all over the world, as if you always want to implicate your chip in order to implement the goals copied from China, you are a liar.
Musa Toci
Musa Toci 6 napja
.........people I'm proving to you that it does not matter which is better or worse that both are the same just that America does not accept china's chips for espionage reasons.The purpose of this is to buy as much as possible from the people and use the snapdragon chip so that america has the whole world under control a chinese strategy which almost china has completed china has the whole world under control oh sir bark like a dog now 🤣🤣🤣🤣
VALDICK 6 napja
To make it easy , if u want ios buy an iphone If u want an android , buy a oneplus they make the best android phones .
Hi Man
Hi Man 6 napja
Syncopated 7 napja
How do I check my S21 Ultra that it have exynos or snapdragon?
Syncopated 6 napja
@Kushagra Misra thank you
Kushagra Misra
Kushagra Misra 6 napja
download cpu z from play store in that you can check
BlackSun 7 napja
discuss the 5g performance of exynos
rgl168 7 napja
Apparently not everyone experienced the same. Other videos show that the results between the two are much closer, and in a number of cases Exynos is actually faster.
Ivan Osijek
Ivan Osijek 7 napja
well,samsung bye.mi 11 have at least same processor in every is scaming consumers,dont know if that is even legal to do
Miran Yassin
Miran Yassin 7 napja
They are like AMD and intel, exynos for apps or rendering and snapdragon for gaming
Sam Gardner
Sam Gardner 7 napja
But the difference is minimal!?? So many in the comments are like "That's why I didn't buy it in my region", but what are they even doing on their phones?
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 7 napja
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i ran a ppsspp emulator on my m10(wich has an exynos 7 octa 7870) and i played dragon ball z a playstation 3 game and it ran just fine without any lags
Prateek Singh
Prateek Singh 8 napja
Same year same story for samsung. Paying over 1600 usd for a phone in getting inferior chipsets and others paying just 1100 for a far superior chipset
JIB23 8 napja
Stop playing games
Al Robert De Pesci
Al Robert De Pesci 8 napja
Aktual antutu scores show that the exynos version is way more powerful. i checked on kimovil, someone an arguement on that.
Omaga David
Omaga David 8 napja
The A14 bionic is still their daddy
Phony Kamala
Phony Kamala 8 napja
Only the Exynos equivalent is available here in Malaysia sadly. I'm not really sure why Samsung thinks selling the only the Exynos equivalent of their flagship is a good idea in so many countries. Probably losing a lot of potential customers as a consequence of that.
narekzo 8 napja
Sadly watching on my Exynos model.. only thing keeping me is the dual sim at this point
narekzo Napja
@Sitara Singh I'm thinking of borrowing my friends s21 ultra, the US version of it and checking if there's a difference between the two.
narekzo Napja
@Sitara Singh @Sitara Singh yea benchmarks can be tricky.. I would say overall I am very impressed w how snappy the phone is. I've had every single Samsung phone ever since the s4 and it's always been snapdragon up to my s20 ultra. I can't tell the difference between my s20 ultra and this in terms of performance.. But to answer your questions. Battery life is ok w WQHD+, I would say that it does shrink quite rapidly but I also use my phone a lot so it's understandable.. otherwise it does quite well if I downgrade the display quality from WQHD+. Honestly the only time I felt like the phone got hot when I initially transferred my data using an otg cable w my s20 ultra.. it took about 1Hr to complete because of the large files I have and it did heat up quite a lot but this is before any updates or anything... I'm gonna abuse it a bit with recording video and using chrome a lot and get back to you if I notice any overheating.
Sitara Singh
Sitara Singh 3 napja
@narekzo Benchmarks aren't really my thing as I believe they don't portray real-world usage very well. Does your phone heat up when browsing Chrome for instance? Or when using the camera app? (including video recording) Also, how is your battery life at Adaptive display mode with WQHD+ display resolution? Also let's say if you're playing graphically intense games, do you notice any stuttering? (that's a sign of the processor overheating which causes the phone to drastically reduce clock speeds, and Exynos models are known to have that problem) In my honest opinion, Samsung should just ditch Snapdragon 888 altogether and focus on the Exynos. That way they can get much better software optimization (like the iPhone). Unfortunately they will never do that as the current tech of Exynos still lags behind Snapdragon in terms of graphically intense tasks (which is why I asked about the stuttering) Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your response!
narekzo 3 napja
@Sitara Singh First, thank you for this. I would say it is very snappy and I don't notice lag or some type of performance issues... Especially after the latest update. Is there a particular test you'd like me to try? I can do it and we can both know if things are better or not at this point
Sitara Singh
Sitara Singh 3 napja
I've heard that Exynos 2100 is actually quite a powerful chip, even more powerful than the Snapdragon 888 in some cases. However, I am not sure. Some people stated that software updates have ironed out a lot of bugs and now the S21 Ultra Exynos is on par with the Snapdragon 888 variant. Since you're an Exynos user, can you confirm this? Is your phone heating up all the time or are things better? I am asking as I am stuck between the ASUS ROG Phone 5 Ultimate and the S21 Ultra. The ASUS has the Snapdragon 888 however the display and camera on the Samsung is just mind-blowing. There is absolutely no comparison.
Pavan 8 napja
Exynos model offers 8K output to an external display whereas the Snapdragon model only offers 4k output
Rajesh M
Rajesh M 9 napja
Pubg geme play bionic chip better my opinion
Oliver da artist
Oliver da artist 9 napja
AGAIN ANOTHER RICKROLL 10:36 bottom left corner
KiNg RoB
KiNg RoB 9 napja
Comment sections for videos like this are always bias lmao. People who own the exynos version are gonna claim its better then the Snapdragom version no matter the results. And it's the same people that argue on how its better that are dying inside about to cry over it cause they know ....ya they know .....that Snapdragom is better babyyyy lmao
S. Kshirsagar
S. Kshirsagar 9 napja
Jerry rig everything and mkbhd comment to this channel
Ashmyka Ferns
Ashmyka Ferns 9 napja
The luxuriant jet bailly follow because school serologically curve amidst a cut jail. spiritual, used shears
îLYAZ Pasha
îLYAZ Pasha 9 napja
I'll go for snapdragon processor that's the best one superb work 🍎
Hunter Thorne
Hunter Thorne 9 napja
I genuinely believe Samsung would be better off switching all to Exynos, processing and optimization would be better since they only have to work on one processor, and they don't have to pay Qualcomm to use their chip
Raphael Scharf - Katz
Raphael Scharf - Katz 9 napja
I think that Samsung should scrap exynos. The only company that makes their own chips which are insanely good is Apple.
gaijinblow 9 napja
If SD uses TSMC and Samsung uses Samsung Semi, that explains some of the temp difference due to TSMC having a better manufacturing process for silicon.
Alma Jiménez
Alma Jiménez 10 napja
would you get a S21 with exynos for 650€?
ARCADE ERA 10 napja
Samsung is best but only its chipset 😑😑
Singularity 10 napja
I'm a victim of Exynos thermal throttling. 🙄 Now with a Snapdragon 865 it doesn't heat, performs consistently, saves battery, way ahead of Exynos in sustainability. Only if they could do something about their thermals, samsung might be a decent option at a lower price ofc.
Nishid Rai
Nishid Rai 10 napja
Y does it differ from the tech chap?! Haha
jhorel hanniford
jhorel hanniford 10 napja
is the international version snap dragon or exynos?
David S
David S 10 napja
My wife and I both just got the s21 ultra 5g. We both have been an s series user since the s8. The s10 was a beast 💪👌. But we stopped getting updates from Samsung about 3 months ago. Soon as we put our sim cards in our s21 ultra 5g, boom,we got a update. I know Samsung was blocking the s10 update. I gotta say. The s21 is very nice. The 120 refresh rate is nice to. I'm glad we got the snapdragon version also.
Auto Direto
Auto Direto 11 napja
EPIC GAMER 11 napja
i won the silicon lottery i got 1117 single core and 3589 multi (exynos peak) does run a bit hot but not above 60 degrees
Kayser Cengiz
Kayser Cengiz 11 napja
Kirin vs snapdrogon please
Random 11 napja
Me Watching On A 2 Year Old Redmi Note 8 Pro Lol😂😂
Nethra de Zoysa
Nethra de Zoysa 11 napja
One of the most informative videos I've watched in ages, Thank you so much Aaron👍
Countrycowboy08 11 napja
Okay, fanboys go away. I have a fair question: OVERALL experience, including the irritating lags that a lot of phones are having, the updates/support, and for how long you can use the phone in decent condition, which one is much better? S21 Ultra with Exynos 2100 or iPhone 12 Pro Max? I'm in no way knowledgeable about the technicalities of phones, just an average user. THANKS!
Tan Tan
Tan Tan 12 napja
For clusters, Exynos did but nowadays GPU performance is more way important, millions of android gamers are present. (Hdr,ultra graphics etc. Snapdragon processor did (adreno).
Deepa Roy
Deepa Roy 12 napja
Who has skiped the one plus adds ?
Sergey Syazin
Sergey Syazin 12 napja
Many years ago, i was dreaming to buy a phone with color screen in it, calculator, snake and ability to use mp3 as a ringtone to be happy! Today we are discussing which phone is faster in synthetic tests and i dont know, will higher results make me happy same way or not.
Martin Blenstrup
Martin Blenstrup 7 napja
Spot on !! but I can’t stop doing it 😂
FunProgrammierer 12 napja
EU - The garbage can for Samsung...
Hasan Tanriverdi
Hasan Tanriverdi 12 napja
1:53 no
Marin Marinov
Marin Marinov 13 napja
you pay the same price but you receive less......scam
VeryFastRodi 13 napja
So basically Everybody now starts complaining because they get a hard on for numbers On the same hand all of these (99% of buyers) , wont even notice this difference when using the phone with Exynos in daily life
Andrew Garong
Andrew Garong 13 napja
Rocking a Exynos Galaxy Note 9
Andrew Garong
Andrew Garong 13 napja
Knew this about 4 years ago. Still hurts me til this day
Andrew Garong
Andrew Garong 13 napja
Kathy Lewis
Kathy Lewis 13 napja
I'm trying to find a snapdragon in US and can't find it !
aneesh barkataky
aneesh barkataky 13 napja
Should I go for samsung S21 Ultra Exynos or One Plus 9 pro?
Tamao Amin
Tamao Amin 11 napja
Definetely the S21 Ultra
cavad azızov
cavad azızov 13 napja
I do not understand that why company create big diffrences between their phone for the country, thats why samsung is getting worse year by year
Ahsan Ahsan
Ahsan Ahsan 14 napja
More camera test between them
Exotic Butters
Exotic Butters 14 napja
glad im American
Harley Davis
Harley Davis 14 napja
When I updated my snapdragon 888 s21 ultra with the March 2021 update, it decreased my 3dmark performance. There is something fishy going on when an update that is supposed to increase performance decreases it.
Gabriel Reisinger
Gabriel Reisinger 14 napja
I think if Samsung can find a way to lower temperatures when it hits higher performence rates. I think Samsung would become even closer to the snapdragon.
ian dick
ian dick 15 napja
Thanks for your time as those videos take up your time also I am still put off with exenoss why why so I jumped to OnePlus like this format and specs 8 Pro is good for another year not much bothering with camera more so gaming media,I almost was going to go for the switch back to Samsung but will wait and see thanks for the effort you put in and your time as takes lots of time what you do for us so huge thanks from Scotland fife
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