Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?

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Mrwhosetheboss Hónapja
Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade: hupost.info/chat/h3-Hz4uNnqKPeps/vide
BEAST 777 2 napja
Will u give me that mi phone😂❤️
Ozan 8 napja
Tell me this. Would you buy a BMW or a Toyota if everything is the same, including price, performance, fuel consumption, design etc?
Noor Jahan
Noor Jahan 24 napja
Abhishek Kumar Ojha
Abhishek Kumar Ojha 26 napja
I think one major aspect where samsung just leads the way is security. Samsung's One UI is one of the most security oriented android skin if not the best(for me it is). One of the costliest thing today is our data. This pro of Samsung outworks all its cons, I think so. You may disagree with me, well it's okay. But, this is what I experienced. I do not have world class knowledge in this sector, but tried to put up whatever I thought is important. Thanks
MR_ AZIM_SARKAR 27 napja
Plz Mi 11 Pro video
Eesa Ahmed Year 7
Eesa Ahmed Year 7 45 perccel
Can you please make a video on xiaomi mi 11 series battery test. :)
piyush yadav
piyush yadav Órája
and corona form china killed millions ......................... whats ur point ...............i will still buy samsung
Austin Fondren
Austin Fondren Órája
How do you get your photos to look so good on the S21 Ultra? Dang
frederic lalonde
frederic lalonde 2 órája
the big CON: to me it from China GG not giving my info to CCP
mangekoo hull
mangekoo hull 2 órája
All these phones look the same
Zothanmawia Chhangte
Zothanmawia Chhangte 2 órája
Both of these Phones are more Costly than my Life
Tariq Aziz Sofi
Tariq Aziz Sofi 2 órája
I know I'm never gonna buy this phone but still watching.... The phone is cool and all but its 10 times the per capita monthly income of my country.
Roos budi Widiyanto
Roos budi Widiyanto 3 órája
too éxpensive,can't buy it
azcomicgeek 3 órája
I'm sad that it's not available in the 3rd world country known as the USA.
SailorYue 3 órája
A phone I wish my provider sold
Star01d 4 órája
he is always secretly rick trolling us
Vinod Bisen
Vinod Bisen 4 órája
Copy q karta hain ...
aaron lee
aaron lee 4 órája
damn compare this to a iphone
Jesse plays
Jesse plays 4 órája
That's his face Right there 5:03
Sebastian Tschatordai
Sebastian Tschatordai 5 órája
Oh boy, I can't wait until I can buy this kind of technology for just 300€ in 5 years!
Ewomaoghene Ilaya
Ewomaoghene Ilaya 5 órája
2:17 cracked me up😅😅😅
Hazza 6 órája
Perfect phone
Welker 6 órája
*why are those so big*
Kaizoqq q
Kaizoqq q 6 órája
Did I just get rickrolled!??
Mauro Candiago
Mauro Candiago 6 órája
Look..... no matter how good these phones are, ppl will still buy iphones because they enjoy having something that is crap and costs double!
Janlu Official
Janlu Official 6 órája
Ah yes shower
Janlu Official
Janlu Official 6 órája
That intro is epic
HeartlessValiumWhore 7 órája
As well made as this video is, come on, Arun. Let's stop pretending the S21 Ultra was anything but overpriced shit.
HeartlessValiumWhore 6 órája
@Pixels Heh. Good one.
Pixels 6 órája
With Samsung, you're helping to pay for their million dollars advertisements.
HUSKY 7 órája
Ceramic can stop a revolver bullet Mrbeast:can this phone save me from a bullet
Brett Hobson
Brett Hobson 9 órája
Nothing will kill Samsung.
Ro Lan
Ro Lan 9 órája
Now i have to go with samsung S21 ULTRA...
Eight Eight
Eight Eight 9 órája
I'd rather buy s21 because of privacy and security concerns
hasimbin yoosaf
hasimbin yoosaf 9 órája
got rick rolled gooys :/
Raul 10 órája
Excellent, as usually! 👍
Ryno Hoffmann
Ryno Hoffmann 10 órája
If I'm gonna spend the money. I'd rather buy the Samsung. The MI 11 would have been a better choice if it was cheaper.
felix 10 órája
Avinash Bipalliwar
Avinash Bipalliwar 11 órája
If only it wasn't Chinese!!
Abel V varghese
Abel V varghese 11 órája
Bro will yu give any of your phone
Jesse L. Wilson
Jesse L. Wilson 11 órája
It’s Chinese Spyware you fools.
I'm king
I'm king 11 órája
its how you lose subscribers for stupid videos ..
xmH Nab
xmH Nab 11 órája
5:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣
xmH Nab
xmH Nab 11 órája
Yeah, "That's what she said."
Samim Sharifi
Samim Sharifi 11 órája
Mi out here trying to throw a pebble at a giant.
Rayzaa 11 órája
The only problem with Xiaomi phones is it don't have all the bands necessary to fully work on T-Mobile. It's the only thing that stops me from buying them which is a bummer. These look like great phones.
Darren Chavez
Darren Chavez 12 órája
Rick rolled amp
Dare FW
Dare FW 12 órája
Mi 11 Ultra < S21 Ultra
Youssef 13 órája
Boycott Chinese products. Free Uyghurs Muslims!!
Cpt. Awesome
Cpt. Awesome 14 órája
Sounds to me like Samsung came up with a new phone, The Xiaomi
John Wayne
John Wayne 14 órája
Am I watching a phone review or someone who is in love with himself?
ph am
ph am 14 órája
Xiaomi use samsung screen to kill samsung
Lambo Doge
Lambo Doge 15 órája
When he said god help the person the drops this on there face I want like: bruh I have dropped this iPad on my face about 20 times lol
The Dark Portal
The Dark Portal 15 órája
Everyone is broke, killings on the rise, unemployment all time high but hey...go spend your money on a useless phone. You people are in for a rude awakening soon.
odess4sd4d 16 órája
I am happy with the S21 Ultra but that little rear screen is brilliant. I hope that catches on.
Vitor 16 órája
DUCzilla 17 órája
How big is the biggest sensor these days, in mm please!!!
3D Werk 44
3D Werk 44 17 órája
dislike for clickbait.. bye
Ix Suomi
Ix Suomi 17 órája
Uninstalling bloatware, should be mandatory and enabled by companies. Cough, you know.
vick explores
vick explores 17 órája
This is definitely an advert
Claudia Westerfield
Claudia Westerfield 17 órája
Hi Arun, great video. My reason of why not Xiaomi...I live in USA and we do not have them here yet. Let's hope we do eventually. Somebody said you are going to use all the dictionary expressing all the ways is "Awesome" a Sub to the channel, and he/she was absolutely correct. Luv ur content.
Sadiq Ali
Sadiq Ali 18 órája
I've watched your videos for years, I'm finally no longer one of the 51%
Durham C Fischbach
Durham C Fischbach 18 órája
11:39 not a wild card
Durham C Fischbach
Durham C Fischbach 18 órája
AmOnG uS pHoNe
rekless1out 18 órája
The back is symmetrical That's all I care about Almost all Okay maybe not all
Caiz Quest
Caiz Quest 18 órája
If you wash your hands maybe you want have fingerprints everywhere on the phon e😅
не stand alone
не stand alone 19 órája
Lol, where is a draw? Samsung camera is better in almost all the cases
M.M. 3
M.M. 3 21 órája
Xiaomi isn't available in the US
Tuhin Paul
Tuhin Paul 21 órája
Why rickroll
Black gaming FF
Black gaming FF 22 órája
Chelakaanda poda oroo ro udaayip kund varum
UhhhOhNoo0oo0OoOoo0oo0 22 órája
Besides the fact that I wouldn't buy a Xaomi, that 67 watt charger is thrilling but, there is never anything about 2 year out battery effect. They can make a 200 watt are 10,000 watt charger.....it is what effect on battery life. They qll slow down at different stages but, I wouldn't carry around phones this big. Fold only. You also shouldn't compare older phones to newer.
n Q v
n Q v 23 órája
Mikael Martensson
Mikael Martensson 23 órája
the only thing xiaomi is gona kill is xiaomi
OneFor All
OneFor All 23 órája
16 Mint U can finish it under 6 minutes
0:58 That's what she said
jammychap Napja
You actually have a very good sub/not subbed ratio, mine is more like 95% not subbed lol
Samanyu Bhatnagar IX Lily D.I.S
Samanyu Bhatnagar IX Lily D.I.S 18 perccel
not only you, but they are more than 100k+ creators who have ratio MORE THAN A FRICKING 95 PERCENT but anyway, I'm not a creator so I'm not getting sad/angry from that, but just for your kind information you are ABSOLUTELY NOT alone
Mohammad Zainuddin
Mohammad Zainuddin Napja
The ratty egypt objectively object because calendar ultrasonically prick despite a chemical linda. cluttered, shallow noise
andrew kaito
andrew kaito Napja
Nope, xiaomi would never be good in a long run. Have fun with them in half of the first year, rest of them, it can only be used as a door stopper. Lagging issue would be a start
Xotic Playz
Xotic Playz Napja
Woah get rolled again
Gamingwithjed Napja
thats what she said 😏
leoberget Napja
"god help whoever accidentaly drops this on their face one night" hahahahah so relatable
Vince Villagracia
Vince Villagracia Napja
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍mi plsss
Vince Villagracia
Vince Villagracia Napja
Mrwhosetheboss can get your demo phone to me plss im from Philippines
CornHub Napja
Did.... I just get rickrolled ?
But Samsung look good
Nidusha Fernando
Nidusha Fernando Napja
Bro, which Online stores can we buy this?
Peter Boczon
Peter Boczon Napja
is this a discount marques?
Weeb Coffee
Weeb Coffee Napja
Nah it's a flagship marques
MFSK ! Napja
Everyone is a gangsta until s22 ultra arrives.
Shaun Cole
Shaun Cole Napja
I swear this is just like the ram trx vs the ford raptor. Everything on the trx is made to be just a little bit better than the raptor
Meme Yamashita
Meme Yamashita Napja
His voice is therapeutically soothing and calming innit ... btw cool reviews
Finäx Napja
did u yust rick roled me?
Lorenzo Tommasuoli
Lorenzo Tommasuoli Napja
The rickroll is just funny every time
Djordje Salimovic
Djordje Salimovic Napja
RustySkull Productions
RustySkull Productions Napja
Is Xiaomi Chinese? I assume it is and that explains the mislabelled zoom, Chinese love lying about specs on their products lol
David Rooke
David Rooke Napja
Crappy Chinese phone
Shahzad Mughal
Shahzad Mughal Napja
0:57 that's what she said: why those are so big . Well said 😂😆.
john michael pizdujalkixpidaracov
john michael pizdujalkixpidaracov Napja
New phones every now and then is cancer
Mont Super
Mont Super Napja
xiaomi forever!
Hahahahahahahahaha gotchaa.......
Lez P
Lez P Napja
Subscribed m8 😊
Gigelgg39 Ion
Gigelgg39 Ion Napja
5:05 yeah it looks so cool the text right next to the camera
Klunker Napja
omg who cares
Weeb Coffee
Weeb Coffee Napja
*_I do_*
hOt n SpICy
hOt n SpICy Napja
00:56 or 00:57 editor says: that what’s she said edit: use 0.25x speed to really see it
Anand Jayan
Anand Jayan Napja
That's what she said😂😂😂😂
Im watching this because i can't afford
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