The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.

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Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:
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Mrwhosetheboss 2 hónapja
Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:
Seyiekheto Sale
Seyiekheto Sale 2 napja
Cm on even if dey dont give chargers in the box. Pple need to buy a charger out of box . At the same time the companies are still selling chargers thus production is alwys on.
Mathias P
Mathias P 22 napja
You’re saying that sustainability is important, that there is too much packaging. Have you ever counted the amount of devices that only you ordered and unpacked? 😀 And yes, you would get more subscribers if you say that you are eco friendly. But, you would also have to show that you actually are 🙃
09 Umer Khalid
09 Umer Khalid Hónapja
Apple and the other brands following the footsteps of Apple are just going greedy not greenery
MD BEEN Hónapja
Hi i need some help
one man army
one man army 2 hónapja
Poopagedon Guy
Poopagedon Guy 9 perccel
Tech youtubers aren't very eco friendly
Poopagedon Guy
Poopagedon Guy 9 perccel
If this video was more popular then these companies would be exposed
Edward 24 perccel
Got it. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi are a no-go brands.
Nareshkumar Adhikari
Nareshkumar Adhikari 42 perccel
If they consider so much of our environment, they could have just go and clean plastic from ocean or just plant more trees in free areas.
James S
James S 51 perce
In short, it's all about profit. Reducing carbon footprint, going green is pure bullshit! Without including the charger and accessories, the manufacturer saves a substantial amount of money in many areas: cost of charger, paper packaging, freight charges due to smaller and lighter contents, storage costs, operating costs and the list goes on. To top it off, consumers are forced to pay for a charger if they want it. That's money, that's profit. If consumers opt for another brand of aftermarket charger and accessories, it's fine. The manufacturer would have saved a lot of money by depriving consumers of those items in the first place. But then, some would still choose to purchase the original charger from the phone manufacturer. Great! It's money ringing again! So either way, the phone manufacturer wins! I would personally prefer these manufacturers to omit their hypocrisy in the name of going green. Please! And please don't say it's for everyone's good that I slapped you in the face.
Sketch boy Gaming
Sketch boy Gaming Órája
2035: Remove the box and the charger and Came with a bag
TubeView 2 órája
For my 21 Ultra i went to my samsung store here in Stockholm and got a charger. They just give you it here. No packaging so maybe when you shop your charger at the Samsung store they will not give you any packaging. Good or bad idk.
Mr. teslalove
Mr. teslalove 2 órája
In Grecce you get a charger in a small zip lock bag.
Matko Strapać
Matko Strapać 2 órája
Real reason is they make more money if they sell everything separetley,its not green its just good marketing if they put in "eco" stamp on it.They sell all this "eco friendly" bs and dont mention how they mine the materials to produce devices
Ajay Nair
Ajay Nair 3 órája
The best way to crack down on excess plastic is by hunting down Chinese makers of low quality accessories that are made for no reason. These spoil and end up in a land fill as it is.
Conor Utterback
Conor Utterback 4 órája
They just want the money. They don’t give a fat flying fuck about Mother Nature.
Janson McCreery
Janson McCreery 4 órája
Thank you for this video. Frankly, I'm tired of these companies outright lying and not being held responsible for doing so. I ultimately think people will have to start holding these companies responsible at the expense of their own convenience before things ever change.
ThePandoricaOfFandoms 5 órája
Removing the charger for the environment but then the price is bonkers high... yeah sure and if I were to buy an IPhone I do have a charger from my iPad but hell I don’t mean to use one for two products
Mic k
Mic k 6 órája
Don't forget the iPhone magsafe can interfere with medical devices like peacemakers
Sam Richard
Sam Richard 6 órája
Apple can't be so dumb..😂 lol whatever... great video
Eyad Omar
Eyad Omar 7 órája
In the future you are only getting the phone and nothing else
Bob V
Bob V 7 órája
Are there people out there dumb enough to actually think this is ANYTHING other than for saving money for the manufactures? Like really????
Mohammad abdul kaleem
Mohammad abdul kaleem 8 órája
All comapnies wants more profit and more money by selling charger sperately. if they think of environment then they have to release only one phone per year.
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 9 órája
It's just for profit. Actually they are selling chargers indirectly. And phone price would be same like it was it charger.
Zhang Ivory
Zhang Ivory 10 órája
so right!!! my apple cable broke less than a day, isn't that a waste. So Apple, don't pretend that you care about green, you just want to make more profit...
Piyush V
Piyush V 11 órája
You are right! I bought 2 chargers for my new IPhone 12.
mansoora nawaz
mansoora nawaz 11 órája
But i get charges and the others in australia
Jason M
Jason M 11 órája
yep. same with US government trying to go green. it will not happen since vast majority are poor and in lower class
GenRabbit 12 órája
I like that they removed the charger. Eco friendly is never the corporations real intentions, but for these of us who has like USB chargers/USB hubs with built in chargers those bricks that comes with the phone are totally unnecessary. And Apple are nowhere near eco friendly as everything is built to be non repairable.
Kyle Prince
Kyle Prince 13 órája
Not to mention that a lot of mobile devices also state in the user guide that using a charger that is not designed for the model of phone that you have can cause damage (i.e. excessive heat and even the device bursting into flames or exploding) and void the manufactures warranty... I understand the need to heal preserve the environment but not at the risk of personal injury to myself or my loved ones!
Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson 13 órája
Try telling Fisheggs no charger anymore they will give 10 haha
Paris 13 órája
Watch how our phones are no longer sold in boxes
Alileaf !
Alileaf ! 14 órája
Wait that’s not fair U made us buy a 1000 dollar phone why I gotta spend anothe 50 bucks for a charger
dycu 17 órája
Then stop making phones!
Dave Robertson
Dave Robertson 17 órája
To be perfectly honest people often change their phone every year and have several chargers. I don't see what the big deal is.
Paris 13 órája
Changing your phone every year? That’s you. Most people own their phone for 2 years maybe 3 then they change it.
Harry Mayer
Harry Mayer 18 órája
Bull shit without chager, so i am not going to buy a that kind ph
froggy26 19 órája
No earphones, no charging brick but still the price for just the phone cost me a kidney 😓
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 19 órája
Super greedy lefty logic. That’s why you don’t get a charger with a new phone purchase anymore👎🏼
THE Series
THE Series 19 órája
Man, your video is just a big slap on these companies and an eye-opener for a normal or layman. Brilliant Work (y)
jimmy yo
jimmy yo 19 órája
sometimes i think maybe businesses are run by Mr.Krabs
Lucid Tauloa
Lucid Tauloa 19 órája
I always knew it was a typical business move. I never saw it as eco friendly at all because it didn’t make sense to remove the adapter and EarPods from the box to begin with if you were genuinely trying to be eco friendly👩‍💻 that’s how businesses are these day the more phone accessories people half to buy the more money they make! Spite all of that I went ahead and bought the stuff because it was needed for my device and without that stuff my device wouldn’t work well at all.
Higginsamerica 20 órája
I got an iPhone 12 yesterday switching from galaxy not realizing I would need to buy charging cord, charging brick, adapter for headphones/car. I’m taking it back paying the restocking fee I’m getting another Samsung.
usvc1 21 órája
E marketing preys upon the naive public. When will people learn that they’re constantly being emotionally manipulated in favor of introducing “new” things that simply take more from the actual consumer.
Tuhin Dominic
Tuhin Dominic 21 órája
It's just all companies being cheap
Javad Backer
Javad Backer 21 órája
Dude need more videos like this
RickmoR 22 órája
money is the language big companies speak they sell a phone for 1000$ with a charger one year next year they sell a "new" phone for 1100$ without a charger plus 50$ for a new charger sooooooo money, thats simple logic as long as there are prople buying into this scheme
STEW- DENT 23 órája
this is basically what you said full of shit
erdem sekerpare
erdem sekerpare 23 órája
you just won me with this video , subscribed already before finishing the video
Apple phones are not at all eco-friendly. Their phones are very difficult to repair.
Basically all they did is shifted the responsibility of the carbon footprint from their shoulders to the shoulders of their customers.
so b
so b Napja
The real reason proffit. And i can understand that. But the bulshit. . .
Patrick Hewitt
Patrick Hewitt Napja
Or they could send a separate box of chargers and ask the costumers if they would like to buy one at cost. No it's true also any third party apple product licensed by Apple, Apple charge a license fee win win only for Apple. I don't know if the other companies have license fees also. This is also why Apple won't give up lighting ports it's copyrighted by them so if you don't pay the fee they can sue.
CryonicsIce Napja
Apple are only looking at a tiny part of the process (and other manufacturers). They should also stop shipping those ridiculous plastic apple logo stickers that no one needs and go straight in the bin.
IRONJAY Retacco Napja
Almog Geva
Almog Geva Napja
you forgot to factor one MAJOR variable, all the energy used. not only there's extra physical material in front of you, but they had to make each box, using fuel, water and material. THEY HAD TO SEND IT TO YOU, shipment means extra fuel for the truck/plane as well which i think significantly out weights the extra box you get.
pootle50 Napja
It's most likely to force extra sales, thus extra profit, but people just go and buy a cheap one on eff ebay that's billed as official but is really a cheap chinese knock off that's dangerous. That can lead to fires, but more importantly MORE will end up in a landfill.
RockyMan Napja
Funny thing is, I got over 30 cables but only 2 wall plugs
Dillon Mateos
Dillon Mateos Napja
the genuine chargers aren't cheap too.
Lewis 147
Lewis 147 Napja
why the hell are normal aux headphones from apple £79.99??????????
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar Napja
Basically, they are trying to earn more money by pushing people to buy the things separately in a higher price
K Napja
LMFAO Well you dont really need to factor in the separate packages to deliver the adapter chargers, if they dont have to buy a new one since they still use their old one. (Which is the whole point of them not attaching adapters anymore).
V DAG Napja
watching this was really worthy thank you aron brooooooo...........
Jason Guevara
Jason Guevara Napja
Wireless charging will improve over time just like cable chargers did. Can't wait til power bricks no longer exist.
Kunal Sharma
Kunal Sharma Napja
If they’re so pro environment, why use lightening port? One port for all devices could save so much e waste.
Tyler L
Tyler L Napja
I ordered a singular spatula and I got it delivered in a box so big my friend can nearly entirely fit in it.
Exhonor Napja
Don't forget the fact that Apple didn't just remove the charger and earphones, they also didn't adjust the prices of all the older products that used to come with them, both increasing the profit margins on those products and getting users to purchase them separately for a higher price.
Lucid Tauloa
Lucid Tauloa 19 órája
Pretty much it’s all money. I always thought for a price that big we should at least get the adapter and EarPods. I assumed that’s what added to the big price but apparently I was sadly mistaken.
Andrew Holland
Andrew Holland Napja
And indeed you're right about others following them, Nokia's latest range will come sans charger as well...
Feby Soby
Feby Soby Napja
If so not buy apple anymore . What will happen. ... Apple will demise near future.they are doing cheating
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera Napja
People need to stand up and show this companies how not to rob customers on the name of helping planet
Mohit M
Mohit M Napja
Apple is now just like cigarette. Now I hate Apple but i still miss Steve jobs as ceo. Bad thing is Huawei is out of compitition.
Eco friendly my behind that's bank friendly.
CHR Napja
Very nice video!
Tradin War Stories
Tradin War Stories Napja
They don’t want to be green. They are using green as an excuse to save money. It has nothing to do with being green
Gundam Dunham
Gundam Dunham Napja
Chargers now sold separately.
KTDS Global
KTDS Global Napja
Positive criticism the phone company your getaway With murder dear Robin people blind and the government is do nothing about it because you’re getting a big cut out of the phone companies budget and with the consumer have to pay for that cut
KTDS Global
KTDS Global Napja
It’s all a big ripoff no Charger and no headphones the government should intervene and make certain that Apple and Samsung less of the price imagine if you were to go out and Head phone and charger that should come off the price it should be a complete package not a packet messing with you like you’re replacing somebody last phone
Loomy Wuu
Loomy Wuu Napja
I fiind it the greatest hypocristy to exclude the charger while promoting wireless earbuds, 3 devices that require their own battery, and their own microcontrollers, that can easily get lost and are very hard to recycle, i'm glad that i am not apart of this ecosystem.Not to mention the wireless chargers that consume more power to charge the same battery, and are slower to charge , get heated more easily thus shorting the battery's life.Buy used, don't let tehnology be your life. Peace
luis eduardo abreu
luis eduardo abreu Napja
I have thousands of dollars
Paris 13 órája
Good for you
jonathan oxlade
jonathan oxlade 2 napja
If samsung ditches the usb c type then I am going to apple since they would of already ditched the charge port anyway looks like ile be listening to inferior bluetooth 😭😩 yet idiots who say it sounds the same are idiots who say vegan cheese taste like real cheese its not the same I can hear the different how clean the signal is for wired its just better
cyberwasp461 2 napja
hmmm, my note 20 ultra that i bought 4 months ago came with one!
Andrei H
Andrei H 2 napja
So to answer the question- Why?
Hamza Tola
Hamza Tola 2 napja
I watched your videos frequently. I am so happy to hear someone talking about it finally. Subscribed
Naz Sera
Naz Sera 2 napja
In USA and A We have Dollar Tree Store , usb-C cable charger, it's for a Dollar, it works and charges my One Plus. Easily.. 😆😂
Salaam Hargrove
Salaam Hargrove 2 napja
🙏 glad I watch this before I brought a wireless charger
S.M. Media Productions
S.M. Media Productions 2 napja
Don't be surprised, the left is all about contradiction to the truth. Big tech is ran by leftists who choose to market specifically to leftists. Also, wireless charging emits dangerous levels of electromagnetic frequencies, although the manufacturers attest those same levels are not actually dangerous.
Robert Hoover
Robert Hoover 2 napja
EXCELLENT VIDEO! This video describes the #1 reason I'll never get a Samsung or Apple iPhone. If I were to spend $1k + on a phone it BETTER have a charger and cable and case. Once someone buys into the "that's not included" scam they're being used. Samdung and Crapple make obscene profits on each phone yet give you less for more? And my second rant is the loss of the headphone jack. I'll go without a phone before I give up the headphone jack. And most people charge their phones in their bedrooms. Like I really "need" a magnetic field in the room where I sleep because wireless charging is so cool.
Vibes shotHARD
Vibes shotHARD 2 napja
Educating these corporate companies is like forcing a donkey to sing despacito
Albulescu Filip
Albulescu Filip 2 napja
The whole move was so that they can ......suprise...make more money. They don't give a fu**k about the environment!!
Laurence Bryant
Laurence Bryant 2 napja
And wireless charging takes longer.
kri4o 2 napja
Just FYI, you haven't been getting AKG sound, or Harman Kardon OR JBL sound for the past 4 years. Harman was purchased by Samsung and the quality of the products with the AKG brand has been steadily declining.
Ashish Sharma
Ashish Sharma 2 napja
Environment activism is in wrong direction
Will 2 napja
Already feeling eco-friendly
Shot Caller
Shot Caller 2 napja
Can you do motorola tests
Grant Currin
Grant Currin 2 napja
Companies should get negative points like they do for the ice cars vs electric cars, when they make bad products and or eco desicions...
DevilBlackDeath 2 napja
"This is how business work" : By abusing people's trust and attempts at doing good and selling a lie ? As far as I remember the open market was about competitivity and delivering the actual better product WITHOUT lying. Besides that would be somewhat fine if some of those brands didn't spend all their time and energy trying to make people as uneducated as they possibly can.
Dima is a tree.
Dima is a tree. 2 napja
Samsung users always laugh at Apple users when Apple changes something, but then a few months later Samsung does the same thing. Happens every year lol
Godlysunfury 2 napja
Haha all this go green.
Arcy Joven
Arcy Joven 2 napja
I love the point where he uncovers the reality that every consumers are facing when it comes to packaging and accessories. But I think, on the other hand, we must understand that these manufacturers are only looking at their own perspective. We as user, needs to be responsible when it comes to the use of our accessories. I have a charger which is 4 years old, but it still works great and awesome.
Arcy Joven
Arcy Joven Napja
I guess, it’s about the value of what we wanna pay for 😆
Dima is a tree.
Dima is a tree. 2 napja
But that’s the point he made. You’re paying extra for fast charging but you’re definitely not getting fast charging with a 4 year older cube. With a better charger you can probably charge your phone twice as fast as what it takes currently with your old charger.
Rohan Dick
Rohan Dick 2 napja
Eco-friendly is the most stupid excuse for.. More money
Ace M
Ace M 2 napja
Companies only care about profits, the people in those companies design electronics in such a way that they fail when the warranty expires, we can no longer replace batteries on most phones, their goal is to get us to spend more, if lawmakers forced warranties to say 5 yrs, the reliability of products would be more robust, i think the EU enforces this, but the US does not I purposely bought an old washer and dryer cause the new versions just keep breaking A few products are built to last, Vitamix for example
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster 2 napja
They’re not and weren’t even giving you a fast charger, u have to buy that separate anyway sooo... I didn’t need a charger with this new phone and neither did anyone I know
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster 2 napja
@Dima is a tree. but you don’t have to use the fast charging blocks, it’s optional. So you didn’t have to buy new ones, you wanted to.
Dima is a tree.
Dima is a tree. 2 napja
I did and everyone else in my family did too cause we didn’t have fast charging cubes. They add fast charging to the phones and charge you more cause if it but then expect you to buy the fast charging cube.
Siraji Plays
Siraji Plays 2 napja
Is it only me or anyone else feels like that this video is sponsored by “Anker” 👀
Katie Reads
Katie Reads 2 napja
I just got the AirPods Pro and the stupid thing without the charger is, it’s not a lightning cable to usb, it’s lightning cable to usbc. I’ve never even seeming bricks like that in stores
ItsInvis Mitell
ItsInvis Mitell 2 napja
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