Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android?

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For the last week I've been using 3 phones, an iPhone, an Android....and a Linux phone. Which one is ACTUALLY better? If you do enjoy then a sub to the channel would be...😉
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Mrwhosetheboss 4 hónapja
What do you think to the new setup? Trying to make the lighting a little better every video! Also, yes, I realise the correct pronunciation is Lin-ux, not Lie-nux - My Bad! 😂
pookiewood Napja
We can forgive you for that but calling Ketchup a sauce? I'm un-subbing. Okay I'm not. 😁😆
Kiero Plays
Kiero Plays 2 napja
𝖫𝗂𝖾-𝖭𝗎𝗑'𝗌 𝗍𝖾𝖼𝗁 𝗍𝗂𝗉𝗌
Tug And Thug Computing
Tug And Thug Computing 11 napja
DrSpooglemon Hónapja
Tell no Lie-s..
Mal Goodman
Mal Goodman Hónapja
I've got to say I'm surprised you didn't know how to pronounce Linux. It's not like it's a super obscure OS
Sannihith Reddy
Sannihith Reddy 23 perccel
omg he rickrolled us at 5:52 very smart ha?
Flufflet 2 órája
lie nucks
Harrison B
Harrison B 3 órája
its pronouced lin ux
Steve Kandy
Steve Kandy 6 órája
Give it Time, People WILL wake up soon.
Francis Gilbert
Francis Gilbert 13 órája
Apps only running in a box? Yeah that was on Windows phone, Microsoft called it sandboxing.
Francis Gilbert
Francis Gilbert 13 órája
There are too many sheep for this to catch on. Phone reviewers only care about Samsung and apple so you will only put those phones in videos. N. B. Updates slow down old phones on purpose to get you to buy the latest phone. It is called planned obsolescence.
Francis Gilbert
Francis Gilbert 13 órája
Android is Linux
Guillaume Jupiter
Guillaume Jupiter 15 órája
Oh, just some news : Huawei is gonna developp their own os based on Sailfish and if fails, will use Russia's AstraLinux.
Guillaume Jupiter
Guillaume Jupiter 16 órája
Will someone mention the fact that Android is a Linux-derivated... Just that Android system's database is way more complicated than the original Linux kernel's one.
YOUSEF Khlif 19 órája
0:34 rare footage of Minecraft villager
Abdullah 19 órája
Nope, iOS & android already enough for people. If windows phone even failed, don’t say about linux. Windows & linux are not destined with phone at all 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Michal 21 órája
one day linux will have acess to web browser - no more sttugle with msps, yt hope even email will show
Cool Comments
Cool Comments 22 órája
Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android? No, Android is built on the Linux kernel.
An Unoriginal Excuse For Unhidden Agenda
An Unoriginal Excuse For Unhidden Agenda Napja
Umm so yeah that ketchup seen was extremely random lmao
Ahwy angu
Ahwy angu Napja
You guys do understand android is open source and a linux distro right?
feel the source
feel the source Napja
It for spy's or hackers
David Napja
Great video. Really enjoyed how you approached this subject even though I don't agree with your conclusion. There was a time when everyone thought MySpace was unstoppable until Facebook came along and ate them nearly overnight. And there is more to the open-source revenue model than donations. The three problems you mentioned are big problems, and the Linux community is well aware of them. But, I am optimistic! I have seen so much improvement and such an incredible expansion of new Linux-native hardware that I think the foundations are being laid for Linux to be profitable and competitive in the near future.
Narankhuu 7a
Narankhuu 7a Napja
mongolian phone hulan 21 review please
Sharad Sonawane
Sharad Sonawane Napja
Can we hack the world via Linux phone ? 😁
Kazol Hasan Khan
Kazol Hasan Khan Napja
Need pc app store for Linux
Jaddah 320
Jaddah 320 Napja
abe bhai hindi aur urdu main baat karaa karo yaar pataa nahi kia kia bolte rehte ho english main
Erm e
Erm e Napja
APPLE_ Printer
APPLE_ Printer 2 napja
I hope Linux becomes Android I’d instantly ditch apple
Dummy Account
Dummy Account 2 napja
0:34 Minecraft villager
Philemon Petit
Philemon Petit 2 napja
Bro no cap your videos are some of the best on youtube keep up the good work. IF YOU DIDN'T SUBSCRIBE DO IT NOW.
rivers joseph
rivers joseph 2 napja
I hope so, I can't take it anymore, Google spying on me
gian z
gian z 2 napja
That's really strange since Android is actually linux.
SiliquaeSid 2 napja
ERM, isn't Android based on Linux?
David Rowlands
David Rowlands 2 napja
Had to stop watching. It's "Lin"ux NOT "Line"ux
lordvore 2 napja
Dual boot time!
BrettopediaTV 2 napja
Lye Knux
TheOneMacintosh 2 napja
Finally. Something that is going to destroy android, the unresponsive system!
ElHacker 😎
ElHacker 😎 2 napja
A good solution cold be GrapheneOS (Pixel 2 and 3 series available) to have a good privacy, but the GServices they don't support them. Solution: Be a ghost don't using your personal information, so hard in this age. 😎 You could adapt it, believe me.
Kiero Plays
Kiero Plays 2 napja
𝙊𝙥𝙚𝙣 𝙎𝙖𝙪𝙘𝙚
House Station Live .com
House Station Live .com 2 napja
disappointing price. this isn't more user friendly than google or apple. no one on earth should pay more than 250 € for a phone. lumia is available for 60 $ in new condition.
giorno 3 napja
2:32 OPeN SauCe
G S 3 napja
I don't think so. Linux we have many years ago. Nokia phones. Nokia n series has symbian os. It was good phones. Symbian os was amazing phones. Nokia n73 best camera ever. Nokia 5800 express music. Nokia n97 s60. Qwerty keyboard and most amazing radio receiver. Nokia n900 it was Linux phone. Or was possible to install Linux
Ariful Islam
Ariful Islam 3 napja
Nowadays OnePlus 8pro $700 and s20 ultra $800.whice is the best.pls give me solutions
Diana Acena Evangelista
Diana Acena Evangelista 3 napja
Adriod: no lol
Shayan Edalatmanesh
Shayan Edalatmanesh 3 napja
I like this channel but it has lost a lot of its credibility as a tech channel for me, just for mispronouncing Linux! I mean it's an extremely famous thing, how can you not have heard that!
Dev Prajapati
Dev Prajapati 3 napja
2:35 👌😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
RM Homeschool Academy
RM Homeschool Academy 4 napja
You did say Linus!
JJiscool488 4 napja
Today I almost installed another os on my phone on accident (I have a Samsung Android and I don't know what os)
Jeremiah Shaw
Jeremiah Shaw 4 napja
Bro it has linux you can have GPS and police detectors and all that stuff with coding it or downloading it lol. Its a trade off but for the right reason
Tube You
Tube You 4 napja
from bangladesh
Stiaan Kruger
Stiaan Kruger 4 napja
There is nothing wrong with tech companies trying to sell apps, or trying to make a buck, the data apps collect is much more related to you behaviour, they whant to know what you are not who you are
M D 4 napja
well i tell you one thing every slot machine use Linux and i never change my Linux never no f google or any crap follow me.this is real man phone.
Brooklyn woodard
Brooklyn woodard 4 napja
I think solution is simple. If someone made an application that kind a virtual box for these phones, you would be able to use android and ios applications. Of course it wouldn't quite eficency but i think it is a good solution.
saif ullah
saif ullah 4 napja
Disliked every video with add
ComputerGeek12 4 napja
5:56 of course he does that and rickrolls us every time he can
Jijo Joseph
Jijo Joseph 5 napja
Suddenly switching to a Linux phone may not be easy. But right now e OS looks promising. When we were kids, it was only Windows and Linux was considered ugly no GUI operating system/kernel. But right now I'm writing this comment from a Linux machine which is looking way better than Windows 10, faster than Windows and that too on a 8 year old machine on which the current Windows version would have struggled. Things will change, takes time. If everyone is serious about the privacy, they can contribute to their efforts and make technology free and safe for everyone. Well, many would disagree that how someone can make money if every bit is open source? Which is a debatable question but I really don't find a reason why more smartphone manufacturers today are pushing ads in their operating systems on a hardware they sold. Someone spent their hard earned money to buy a phone but they're seeing ads and being tracked. What's the justice?
TRIX TRIX 5 napja
This guy thinks he’s so cool such a pretentious @$$
Dogeinator 5 napja
linux tecx tipx
Dogeinator 5 napja
linux tax tix
Dimitri Loginowski
Dimitri Loginowski 5 napja
Whack off the back door huh?
Max Chu
Max Chu 5 napja
Android is technically Linux..
Josche MacDonnell
Josche MacDonnell 5 napja
Same argument same issues that have been with the whole Linux/(insert OS here) for the last 30 years
Edward Empati
Edward Empati 5 napja
More likely like dtek on blackberry
Toby Harper
Toby Harper 5 napja
The goofy collar microscopically accept because liquor geographically load apropos a colossal fan. adaptable, bustling semicircle
JR Lashbrook
JR Lashbrook 6 napja
Stop saying ly nux 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Just Arnav
Just Arnav 6 napja
If linux adds support for apple and android and then the hardware is improved, then linux will even kill windows 10x (new arm based windows for chrome is users)
Habib Azouk
Habib Azouk 6 napja
I would get an a iPhone and a Linux like use the Linux for important stuff and private shit and then use the iPhone for insignificant stuff
Mouse Accuracy
Mouse Accuracy 6 napja
i also do love lineux
prnljkE *
prnljkE * 6 napja
LAINUX =)))))
Valentino Aguiar
Valentino Aguiar 6 napja
No, but I want them to. One day.
Mr. x0mb3
Mr. x0mb3 6 napja
Also take a look at Ubuntu Touch .
Mr. x0mb3
Mr. x0mb3 6 napja
Modern Fancy smartphone users hearing about #Linux for the first ... Programmers/Hackers - 😕
BANGA10 6 napja
you could buy a cheap phone and boot it into linux and get much better performance
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones 6 napja
Android is basically a modified kernel of Linux
Carla Ferraccini
Carla Ferraccini 6 napja
I disagree. I think now is the time people are beginning to care. A few years ago I would not even consider Linux. But now? They are making it easier and more interesting while other companies are getting greedier, so I'm considering getting a Linux phone as my next one.
Wali 6 napja
Guys, yes or no?
Jonathan Smedley
Jonathan Smedley 7 napja
Is it safer than encrochat etc...
KONG OP 7 napja
8 ads in your intro . samsung
forlatagate1 7 napja
Lie nucs. Lol
Shisushi 7 napja
For goodness sakes its not Lie-nux, its Lih-nix PLEASE
Vojtěch V.
Vojtěch V. 7 napja
You should try the pinephone too!
Burhanuddin Baxajiwala
Burhanuddin Baxajiwala 7 napja
stop rickrolling
The one. The only. retard
The one. The only. retard 7 napja
I need this phone now
anil gr
anil gr 7 napja
We can use alternative PWA
Alex 7 napja
I adore the way that phone looks tbh
argon 7 napja
It's never too late to support a brilliant community project, tinker with the software on a public repository, add missing features that the whole community benefits from .. sounds like we all gotta' get on this, make it the most sought after device, 3D-print/Form-mold awesome cases with features, peeps can sell their work, admirers can browse, why not? This creates jobs.
snodfella 7 napja
And there was me thinking I was the linux n00b. Or is it lynex🤦‍♂️
Ro_Chris 7 napja
why do i always get rickrolled
paulo silva
paulo silva 7 napja
All politicians will buy it. Trump I bet has one when he calls his mistress. Lol
Gaming With Rifat YT
Gaming With Rifat YT 8 napja
Manwinder Hundal Singh
Manwinder Hundal Singh 8 napja
✌Linux is great for people who dont have to worry about putting food on the table......
Manwinder Hundal Singh
Manwinder Hundal Singh Napja
Not for people who are not professional software engineers, coding freaks, engineering teachers...those probably wouldnt even watch this video....if you are watching this video it is for you... Edit:- recent comment came out wrong.
DËBÂ PØTÕM 8 napja
No ad is a privilege..
Costarican Plug
Costarican Plug 8 napja
I think Arun was thinking about Linus Tech channel lol
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker 8 napja
Paying for your privacy
Frankles TK
Frankles TK 8 napja
So this device can be used for Bruteforce ?
Idcrafter 8 napja
you should try the pinephone it has a working camera application
Antonio Montana Zapata Chavez
Antonio Montana Zapata Chavez 8 napja
Mrwhosetheboss: " is technically possible for someone to build HUpost and Instagram equivalents that are open-source but who's gonna do it..." LBRY: "Are we a joke to you?"
Nurajannat Taslima
Nurajannat Taslima 8 napja
'linus' Xd linus tech tips
Dark Waters
Dark Waters 8 napja
Good video ear-un. Never head of lie-nux phones but I have heard of wine-dose phones. I had to ;) It was frustrating the absolute crap out of em lol..
Minewaffle 8 napja
Wait a minute linux is android.
Anonymous Ghost
Anonymous Ghost 8 napja
But we have bash script its more powerfull
NiteRider 8 napja
imagine running kali on your phone :D
Fahad Hossain
Fahad Hossain 9 napja
How nexus 5 is running on linux?? Please explain. I am also curious and actually don't want android to eat my ram and processor. I actually don't need lots of unwanted features / updates in my phone.
JacobPoss 9 napja
Shut up and take my money!
Om Bothre
Om Bothre 9 napja
Linux laptops are cheaper
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