I switched to iPhone - This is what I found out.

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6 months ago I switched from an Android Samsung phone to iPhone - Do I regret it?
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Mrwhosetheboss 3 hónapja
750 comments in the first minute! I legit don't even know how you guys do it 😂 To see why I switched to iPhone in the first place: hupost.info/chat/Z2hlxamggZOPgNY/vide To see possibly world's largest smartphone collection: hupost.info/chat/sIWgx6h3itOuibQ/vide
towkukus 5 napja
Mrwhosetheboss where did you buy that blue chair? Is it comfortable?
Matty Owen
Matty Owen 17 napja
@dinesh patil and may I ask why would you prefer iphone12Max over all other competitors? Not being pedantic at all but truly would love your views?
Mr. 2cents.
Mr. 2cents. Hónapja
Recently someone changed from Apple to Samsung because in Spoke phones you want create folders... He's utterly happy now.
A Hónapja
If Apple made cars they'd update - just for the hell of it - the position of the accelerator, brake, clutch
QuetzalcoatlOdin 2 hónapja
What about lynx phones compared?
Tyga tims
Tyga tims 14 perccel
I switched to iPhone 12 promax and I absolutely hated it. I took it back to xfinity and got a note 20 ultra
Kenneth Obehi
Kenneth Obehi Órája
you should have serverd android apple😂
CptKillJack Órája
My level of anxiety looking at 4% battery on your laptop.
Purp Mint
Purp Mint 2 órája
This is how I know that most of the famous tech reviewers like you are at best shallow/phony and at worst paid by Apple. Not a single mention of Samsung DeX, Samsung Flow, Microsoft Your Phone to control your phone with its screen off, Samsung Smart Switch, etc. -- and the fact that Samsung supports macOS, iOS, and Windows instead of tying you down into 1 platform. No, instead you decided to just tell us that the iPhone is good. Yeah, we know buddy. Nothing to see here.
brother andrew
brother andrew 4 órája
Good video but I m still mourning my windows phone ... :-) Loved the icons and the simplicity.
I'm same as you, But Better
I'm same as you, But Better 4 órája
As I seen.. Apple with all iproducts, offered all daily usage,work and some entertainment needs.. but Android devices give more than that, even we doesn't need it on daily usage.. so yeah Apple is focused on giving what the best they can give with daily usage.. but Android is giving something new, and it's quite fun experience, but we don't even asked for it
Clum 8 órája
I wanna see your cell phone closet
Arie Keren
Arie Keren 9 órája
10.50 when you use iPhone you can use your macbook. But when you use android you should use windows 10 pro it does the same thing for connectivity
Arie Keren
Arie Keren 9 órája
Yesss.. What makes I still use the iPhone is the iOS is reliable. What makes I use my Samsung S10+ as my main phone is the 12Gb RAM & 1TB ROM... is so damn reliable... the camera also the best
Laur Insane
Laur Insane 9 órája
LOL I also switched from Samsung to iPhone I’m more than satisfied
CoolKCRoyale 15 órája
So do I regret switching to iphone? N- Samsung ad: imma pretend u didn’t say that
Dalton Cannon
Dalton Cannon 17 órája
Rickrolled oh GOOODDDD
Stardust Legacy Fighter
Stardust Legacy Fighter 17 órája
No doubt that so many still prefer iPhone over Android phones, because of crucial features that the former excels on. The gap does seem to be getting smaller with each passing generation, however only time will if Android will ever surpass iOS entirely.
Ricky Kurtz
Ricky Kurtz 17 órája
I recently discovered your channel which I very much enjoy. There are several things you miss frequently when comparing ANDROID(regardless of the vendor) to IOS. 1.- the good thing about ANDROID is that it’s open and all can add and make changes 2.- the bad thing about ANDROID is that it’s open and all can and and make changes to it. With ANDROID ever try getting support on either the hardware of software ? It’s constructively impossible. Since GOOGLE is the major provider of the core of ANDROID try calling GOOGLE for support. I too moved from Samsung Galaxy products to and Apple product. 1.- the bad thing about IOS is that it’s proprietary. You have to be an approved developer and meet strict guide lines 2.- the good thing about IOS is that it’s proprietary. The OS and apps are rock solid and work. Support is there thru Apple Care for hardware and software. The one major thing you miss is the Apple ECO System. IOS(for the tablets and phones), Watch OS, and MacOS). For what is defined as a loosely coupled network they are very tightly coupled. I use my tablet at work, when I’m are the move I have my iPhone 12 Pro Max, and when I go running I have my Series 6 iWatch 44mm top of the line. I can do everything from make or answer a phone call from my iWatch to make or answer a phone call from my tablet. When my phone rings all my devices ring. I can check my ECG, blood oxygen lever and analyze my workout on my phone of my tablet. While running I can have Alexa stream my music on my watch and play it on my blue tooth speaker. Then there is the Apple AirPod Pro. ANDROID has a very flimsy and very loosely coupled ECO system if you can really call it an ECO System. So, as you pointed out, the speeds and feeds of the hardware is only a very small part of the SYSTEM. It’s all about the ECO System. Again as you pointed out the apps and responsiveness of all the devices is very good, we are not doing molecular modeling. One more thing, Apple has taken a page out of DEC(Digital Equipment Corp. No longer around) and IBM. They are designing their own silicon together with their OS(IOS and Watch OS). So they will naturally be way more efficient and will play nice together. They have designed and complete SYSTEM, i.e. and ECO System. Ricky from IBM, Ret(formerly from Apple Computer and DEC) Systems Engineer / Programmer / Architect
-nurseryi- 17 órája
*never gonna give you up 😭*
Anonymous 17 órája
I was wondering who else noticed :0
Austin TX
Austin TX 18 órája
Hold iPhone ..... feels like ..... California , Hollywood, my first smartphone 2G in a market , expensive and proud what you got ! Hold android ..... made and design from somewhere .... poor design and always dreaming one iPhone Santa Claus bring to you 😂
DiamondShadow 2
DiamondShadow 2 21 órája
If you want to customize the iPhone just jailbreak it
Ronaldo Hinds
Ronaldo Hinds 22 órája
The WhatsApp bug is annoying
curtis wilson
curtis wilson 23 órája
You still can't make go to an iPhone no matter what. I'm not supporting those greedy bastards!
Sushikh Bose
Sushikh Bose 23 órája
You're forgetting the biggest gripe with Android. The average life of a flagship is about 12-18 months (or 2 major updates). Now, consider the fact iPhone 6S launched in 2016 received the iOS 14 update. Now that's supporting your products.
Jose Luis Guerra
Jose Luis Guerra Napja
I've had my galaxy s9 for 2 1/2 years, battery life is not ao great anymore. When I borrow somebody else's I Phone, it feels weird, and I'm more comfortable using android system. However, I hate my selfie camera, I have to borrow my sister's Iphone to take selfies. Now I'm thinking of getting a new phone, but can't decide which one. 😬
Arpan Biswas
Arpan Biswas Napja
The good thing about iPhones is they want us to spend less time on the screen and more irl not true with android manufacturers except google but pixels are not an overall great product
Mr_Cardboard123 Napja
mrwhosetheboss: Rick rolls me using the red apple on the right at 6:24 Me: angry cardboard box noises intensify
n. mann
n. mann Napja
I miss my sd card
Afonso1110 Napja
Should i switch my a30s with iphone se2020?
Scott in Texas
Scott in Texas Napja
Apple’s biggest problem is they don’t play well with others. If you must use a Windows computer for work, there is virtually no integration or usefulness bn the two. The work around are a few third party apps that are on both OS’. Consider also the lack of an app to use the Apple Watch with anything but an iPhone. Apple would likely double their Watch sales overnight if they’d create a Watch app for Android/Windows. As a result, competing OS users go with other smartwatches.
Emi Emi
Emi Emi Napja
I really want to switch to IOS, but I love piracy and stuff I shouldn't be able to do. Like HUpost Vanced.
RapidObsessor Napja
obvs i am just ignorant, but can someone explain why his english accent sounds fake
Basit Vahora
Basit Vahora Napja
At the end he gonna love i phone 😄😄
Abu Muhammad Gonzalez
Abu Muhammad Gonzalez Napja
Lordy! That NOTCH!
Sui_Generis Napja
I switched to the Note 20 Ultra and I hate it. I'm waiting for the new iphone to come out then I'll use it until I can't use it anymore. I'm not about this changing phone thing every year.
FreedomIII Napja
I have an iPad that I was gifted that is a wonderful tool for reading books and sheet music, but I literally cannot get a single app I want on the app store. Even HUpost kicked me out half a year ago and I now have to use the browser to access HUpost instead of the app. I'm really glad I didn't pay a single cent for it and if I ever do have a chance to get a tablet, I'll make sure that it's not an Apple product. (Their square touch-pad iPod Nanos are my favourite music player, though).
Abaho Rodney
Abaho Rodney Napja
For the next time you drop it call 911
Mace Windu
Mace Windu Napja
Bakelicious Napja
4:58 Same thing happened to me
chahem Napja
Is the 3d touch still there?
Cedrick Robledo
Cedrick Robledo Napja
He Rick Rolled us
chris mcdonald
chris mcdonald Napja
It is werid that the integration is reasoning, but with all android things its there you just need to look for it. Especially because computer integration is there.
shameema shafee
shameema shafee Napja
My Guy just download Samsung Dex
Ferricity AMV
Ferricity AMV Napja
Keep this units. Compare them 5 years later
Arkthus 2 napja
The problem with switching is if you have games or in-app purchases, or even apps you bought, you lose everything when switching. Some games have separate servers, one for each platform and cannot transfer progress from one to the other, so that means, for someone like me who's on Android since 2014, losing years of game progress, apps, etc. Also you said nothing about some accessories, I have Galaxy Buds, can I use them with an iphone without losing quality or functionality? I have a Windows computer, right now I can have my texts and phone calls in the My Phone app, can I do that too with an iPhone? I'm hesitating in continuing with Samsung or switching this year (mainly because there might not be a new Galaxy Note, and also because these last few years Samsung is removing more and more features on their phones, started with the jack plug, now they removed the SD card slot, and they don't even give a new charger with the phone. Luckily in my country headphones are a requirement, not sure why, but they legally have to give headphones with the phone), but as Apple allows less promotional operations, the price is higher than any Android flagship (with my provider, if I give them my old phone for a new Samsung, I get a 100€ bonus, but not if I get an iPhone, for example), so switching better be worth it. And having an iPad, for now I'm afraid iOS is not for me yet, it still lacks customization, i've read somewhere that the widgets are not on many apps, which is a bummer because their integration on the home screen is really good on iPhones (not on iPad, widget integration sucks on iPad). And with all that, If I lose years of game progress, and have to buy again all my apps, and in-app purchases, then I'm not sure it's worth switching....
RICKS WORLD dereaux 2 napja
A smart dude would get a rubbercover and screenplastic for 10$ for such an Expensive Phone thats what i purchase right away,when get a new Phone.🤣🤘🇪🇺🇺🇲
Crasher Crasher
Crasher Crasher 2 napja
I still stick to android, because android can run all kinds of vpn apps and i can tweak the app and run it on android for me to be able to have unlimited free hacked internet from my isp , on iphone is so limited to all kinds of hacking apps and tweaks
burgermanjoe 2 napja
is no one gonna talk about the rickroll in the left apple logo at 6:27 ?
ryder ros
ryder ros 2 napja
48 thousand gmails whaaaaat
The Orlando Project
The Orlando Project 2 napja
6:26 left apple logo, hate me later
Wesley Dechavez
Wesley Dechavez 2 napja
Android phones can do a lot, iPhones can do important things better.
Pixie Frequency subliminals
Pixie Frequency subliminals 2 napja
I agree...but do you think that it has only camera feature that is best... And very poor performance in other features.. It's battery performance is so annoying... Heating up like a hot plate..so Damn heavy.. AND THEY STARTED SCAMMING PEOPLE REMOVING THE ADAPTER AND EAR-PODS.. I mean for that money.. Iphone is definitely over RATED... IPHONE IS GOOD to USE AS AN OPTIONAL PHONE.. YOU CAN'T DEPEND ON IT THAN FLAUNTING THEM.. 😑
Tris M2906
Tris M2906 2 napja
We got Rick rolled😭
Zac d
Zac d 2 napja
I switched from apple to the gs10. Never again after 2 years i can wait to get a new iPhone. The camera cannot conpare to an iPhones. The galaxy isnt glitchy but definitely is missing something. Not as user friendly. Just my 2 cents
Walnut 2 napja
6:26 hidden rick roll :0
Dipesh Gadiya
Dipesh Gadiya 2 napja
My take why i dont buy an iphone I simply cannot afford it.😂
dumb rosalina simp
dumb rosalina simp 2 napja
Same here, but hey Xiaomi truly thought me that you don't have to spend 1000+ dollars on a good phone lol.
wait what
wait what 2 napja
Dante Groven
Dante Groven 2 napja
5:03 its repair typing you can put it Off in the settings application
Rebecca Briggs
Rebecca Briggs 2 napja
Swear by Surfshark. It's the only VPN I've found that I can afford that will allow me to access the US Netflix and Hulu from the UK with very few issues, and even when there have been issues, customer service has been quick and easy to contact and solved easily. on the Iphone vs Android though, I gotta say the biggest difference for me and the biggest dealbreaker is Iphones lack of SD card and the forced Itunes store, dunno if the itunes store has been negated yet but to my knowledge they still dont' allow for SD cards which I just really like to have as my backup save function. Android wins for me thus far ngl
MattiePP 2 napja
Literally all the things that you said why the iPhone is better you can do this all on a pixel. Also you don’t have to wait for when the update happens because all pixel devices get the update first.
sneaks ceh
sneaks ceh 2 napja
The peaceful asphalt anecdotally bump because cheque virtually head sans a sassy wealth. statuesque, nostalgic mark
Simon Eminger
Simon Eminger 2 napja
most of the advantages, f.ex. using the phone's connection, bluetooth sending files and sending browser tabs to other devices are possible with Android as well.
Shizy Veteran
Shizy Veteran 3 napja
I use RN. 9 PRO and its awesomeee
Eby S
Eby S 3 napja
Rick rolled lol
Cool Guy_
Cool Guy_ 3 napja
6:26 look at that rickroll man! On the left
People concertrating von what he says around 6min while watching the background rick n roll dance lol 🤣
Hervé Maas
Hervé Maas 3 napja
Can I be honest. An iPhone is like a Volkswagen Golf. They are fine, just boring AF. They work they bring you from A to B. Without any flair or quirks. It’s fine... just fine. It’s like a bad relationship that just isn’t bad enough to quit, but not that great to be really happy with. But you will defend it, because if you admit that it isn’t great you’ll need to be a bachelor for a while, with all the hassle of one-nighters and failed relationships.
Aidan Julien
Aidan Julien 3 napja
I just got foking rick rolled 😔😔😔😔
Itz Zaid Playz
Itz Zaid Playz 3 napja
6:25 Did I just get Rick rolled?
Callmedarling 02
Callmedarling 02 3 napja
Vile •
Vile • 3 napja
Idk why iPhone is 60hz still.
gimme the android please for us who cant move on
kenny 3 napja
Datenschutz Datenschutz
Datenschutz Datenschutz 3 napja
Everybody noticed. Thats no secret.
Ismael Shirr
Ismael Shirr 3 napja
Working? Use Samsung Note ! On Biz Trip or holidays? Bring your iPhone!!! To upload pics vids to insta & fb. So use both phones, they filled up each other weakness. Period.
Azna Yes
Azna Yes 4 napja
i got rickrolled by an apple logo 😭😭
David S
David S 4 napja
I totally understand about the Samsung updates. I thought I would rock my s10 for years. I had it for almost 2 years then I quit getting updates and security patches. My wife and I both got the s21 ultra 5g about a month ago. The 120 refresh rate is awesome. Screen resolution is very nice and the screen doesn't have such a dramatic curve. We live in the USA,so we got the snapdragon variant.
Rigardt Robberts
Rigardt Robberts 4 napja
So Android is better and more advanced?, why sugercoat Apple.
TunaPlayz 4 napja
6:27 That’s all i need to say🤣😂🤣
Gustav Engen
Gustav Engen 4 napja
Mihai G
Mihai G 4 napja
Sellout :))))
ThePro&TheNoob 4 napja
I recently switched to an iPhone, for the past month i've tested the crap out of it and I finally come to a conclusion. I'm selling it.
mr_snuggle 4 napja
iPhones are like simulation games, where's Androids are like GTA. More freedom
PfropfNo1 4 napja
I always felt like most of the features of android phones are just customer baits. Like the first phone with 42 MP. No one on this planet uses a screen with 42 MP to watch the photo in full resolution. And also plain MP is not the limiting factor at this point, but stabilization, shutter speed, focus, light... But MP is the only number customers compare when buying a phone, so better pump it up. Now same story with zoom or screen resolution. Apple has less features but the features are actually useful. (Also it’s not right to compare iPhone vs anything else. This phone has better zoom, and this one better battery life and this one better screen resolution... gotta compare 1 phone vs 1 phone)
PfropfNo1 4 napja
You forgot an amazing feature that many are not aware of. You can copy text or images on iPhone and then paste on Mac with ctrl+v or vice versa. Or the scan option is great to. Right click on Mac -> import scan from iPhone: camera on iPhone will automatically open and you can scan documents with decent quality. Before I used an app where I had to mail myself. Sure works too, but it’s just convenient when everything is connected like this
No One
No One 4 napja
6:28 for most important talks
Joe Orton
Joe Orton 4 napja
I hate iPhone but I do like the sound nice and clear from the iPod gen
Largen Studios
Largen Studios 4 napja
I’m an apple person but have you lost any subscribers since you switched just wondering
ananasik986 5 napja
i like the rick astley in the background
Gautham.C.G. 5 napja
Talking about i phone i just saw 2 ad of samsung😂
Nazimoon Mohammed
Nazimoon Mohammed 5 napja
4:10 fortnite is not compatible with iPhones any more
Quentin B.
Quentin B. 5 napja
Chris Storer
Chris Storer 5 napja
I had android from 2008 all the way to 2014. Once I switched to iPhone, I’ve never looked back. It’s that simplicity and total ecosystem integration that does it for me. No other system of devices out there does anything close to this. Say what you will folks but I speak truth.
Otsile Ramongane
Otsile Ramongane 5 napja
Do you still have the iPhone 11 Pro? @Mrwhosetheboss
fulaan1 5 napja
I am not a tech savvy person. iPhone is just easier to use.
jedidiah Abel
jedidiah Abel 5 napja
Wow awesome 😎😎 iphone ✔️✔️
Cinema On tablet
Cinema On tablet 5 napja
I got an add for Samsung at the start of the video lol
AxCx Predator
AxCx Predator 5 napja
Funny to see Apple trying to be as customizable as Android. But they don't get it, they still try to give the customer orders how to customize the phone, while on Android they can customize it by themselves. But honestly, I can really live without customization, if I get a better phone performance instead.
oqeufh 5 napja
Every phone for me feels like a huge upgrade because I can only buy a new phone once every 5 years or so. Sad broke life...
BhiM NaTiVeS
BhiM NaTiVeS 6 napja
I think all the features your talk about the iPhone that you can pick calls on your lap and and share files without connecting with cable is also done by Huawei and Huawei is even way batter cos you can literally share your phone screen on your Huawei laptop and use the laptop to control every app on the phone so android wins that part
Jake Hi
Jake Hi 6 napja
I jus got Rick rolled
Sobanya 6 napja
Android icons never fit all the apps at the same time
Rick 6 napja
hell yes
West Power
West Power 6 napja
Apple has many "useless" features that you think you don't need, but they will be there in case you need them any time, and that's something I respect.
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