What happened to Beats by Dre?

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Beats by Dr Dre used to be a worldwide phenomenon, but then Apple got involved...
Do I regret switching to an iPhone?: hupost.info/chat/fKV41Y9oZsWAdps/vide
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Mrwhosetheboss 3 hónapja
So this is pretty much my first non-smartphone related video in over a year! I'm trying something new, so would love some feedback if anything comes to mind! 🙏 For my last video about whether I regret moving to an iPhone: hupost.info/chat/fKV41Y9oZsWAdps/vide
dtz1000 10 napja
What a great video.
B Eric Shi
B Eric Shi 18 napja
You talked about iphones
Max_boss21 Max_boss21
Max_boss21 Max_boss21 22 napja
Im most mad that samsung bought akg
Abamba Ngomu
Abamba Ngomu 27 napja
Abamba Ngomu
Abamba Ngomu 27 napja
Sebastian Contreras
Sebastian Contreras 2 órája
4:19 Everyone who works at a Callcenter knows why Jabra is above Sony on that graph... Biz 2300
when I saw the thumbnail, I thought it said "bh Dear."
Pranav P
Pranav P 8 órája
To be HONEST, *_I've never ever heard of these earphones, or this brand!_*
DycE29 13 órája
I have tried few high end beats during its popularity and i'd say. for its price it is hard to justify to recommend their products, they have 1000 usd Headphones that have a sound quality of generic 50USD headphones. they are outright garbage. just expensive gadgets to show you have moolah and nothing else.
9Delta9 23 órája
Dr. Dre and Lovine are kinda evil people...
Noel Rizo
Noel Rizo Napja
David’s commercial of the beats mxrs is what got me hahaha anyone else?
Crazytothebone Napja
My $40 current headphones are better than my old $200 beat solo 3 wireless
Marc W.
Marc W. Napja
I got a pair of Beats Powerbeats2Wireless for Hanukkah in 2014 and used them for 6 years before they finally stopped working.
Shoaib Akhtar
Shoaib Akhtar Napja
Apple,You big criminal !!
Rosario Grant
Rosario Grant 2 napja
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Andy Wright
Andy Wright 2 napja
You are annoyingly plummy and posh. Switched off as I can't listen to you dude.
Doge Runds
Doge Runds 2 napja
I would say that it was pretty evil of apple just buying Beat's and use the good stuff out of it and then just let it die. Even tho i don't personally like beat's, i really feel sympathy for them.
Joshua Money
Joshua Money 2 napja
But beats sound quality isn’t very good my £30 studio open backs are way better
Bettsbe58 2 napja
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Antoniela Moldoveanu
Antoniela Moldoveanu 2 napja
apple was always that one company that a lot of pepole dont like
Hcirdle 2 napja
Sony headphones are pretty much the best affordable headphones out there right now, WH-1000XM4 to be specific.
Tyrone took my phone
Tyrone took my phone 2 napja
Can I have a phone yes I have Samsung a10e help
Treknology 2 napja
Sennheiser forever!
LRulesTheWorld 2 napja
Ive NEVER bought these, nor had any desire to recommend them either. Why? I remember disecting a pair and recognizing everything in them as cheap garbage that dollar store craig headphones had in them. Junk. And ive never had any respect for the brand since.
Joseph Atnip
Joseph Atnip 2 napja
What really happened to beats well they sounded decent but they were extremely overpriced for what they were then Apple released the old school Apple headphones with a 3.5 mm Jack for like 15 bucks they sounded amazingly phenomenal for that price point and of the cords never got shorts in them so they always worked I still have a pair in 2021 that work fine I use them all the time
Dan B
Dan B 3 napja
Since apple bought them they're beats by Tim now
gmr_sneakerhead 3 napja
Well, the full backstory of Beats founding is not that simple actually
Kye JT-R
Kye JT-R 3 napja
Yeah watching this with Apple headphones, that sound just like beats ones......
kuhjuba dilamho
kuhjuba dilamho 3 napja
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Wilma Barnes
Wilma Barnes 3 napja
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Sanatorium Nugget
Sanatorium Nugget 3 napja
I remember i got fake beats from my mom on Christmas when i was like 10. Good times.
xEx xEx
xEx xEx 4 napja
They were always bad.
InLouisV 4 napja
Beats still has value today tho. U can wear any other earphones even airpods & Beats will seem like the highest thing. Their price and association w Dre & artists makes them a statement.
Xerxes 4 napja
Dr Dre is the founder of eminem
Agripina Tiburcio
Agripina Tiburcio 4 napja
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Tommy Tang
Tommy Tang 4 napja
As professional in the media industry and also a certified audio engineer, I never liked Beats b'cos they are so fake in terms of sound. JBL, Sony, Audio Technica, etc are all established companies in the audio world. I have headphones and earphones from these brands rather than Beats. Many big tech companies has 2 strategies; acquire their competitors and completely take them apart or acquire them to incorporate the brand into their products. In instance 1 are like Apple buying Beats, Cisco Systems buying Linksys, both took their competitors out and took their tech for their own products. In instance 2, Samsung bought Harmon, who owns JBL, Harmon, Martin, AKG, etc and brand themselves with them, renaming as Samsung Harmon, Sony bought Carl Zeiss, the biggest lens maker to help them make lenses for the cameras and camcorders and Minolta to make DSLR, Panasonic bought KDK, Leica, JVC, etc to do the same. The latter allows these companies which was acquired to continue their R&D, branding & selling with their market reputation while having these products installed or comes with the main companies products. Big tech companies are no longer into R&D to keep their line of products up there, they have become acquisition companies that just buys the latest innovations or research to do one of the two mentioned strategy.
Jimmy Norris
Jimmy Norris 4 napja
I still swear by beats Studios.
Charlie Hanifan
Charlie Hanifan 5 napja
Me watching this on my Beats Solo3’s
purity remedy
purity remedy 5 napja
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S Gupta
S Gupta 5 napja
They should broadcast this video in every B school classroom, high quality content
Lucas Borges
Lucas Borges 5 napja
bom ver que o Coisa de Nerd apareceu nos dois gráficos
Charles Smith II
Charles Smith II 6 napja
I was never impressed with Beats. My dad’s Charger has a Beats sound system and compared to my Ram’s Alpine sound system, his is garbage in terms of sound quality.
BenjiOnTheBeat 6 napja
forget beats its now nike on every street corner and everywhere you go 😂
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk 6 napja
My laptop's speakers are BeatAudio , & they sounded awful! Dr Dre Beat Audio stuff are just have the Dr Dre logos , they practically Made in China by contract companies! 🕯
Hi Man
Hi Man 6 napja
MBeOnnat 7 napja
Yooooo, dis blew my mind
LordSlug 7 napja
What an asshole move to take a picture with dre lmfao
Safety Socks
Safety Socks 7 napja
they sounded so bad lol every pair i tried
cece sarinana
cece sarinana 8 napja
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Thekfclover123 8 napja
Seriously what headphones use battery and it’s whired
Devin Trusdell
Devin Trusdell 8 napja
GOD loves y'all and have a Blessed day ✝️⛪🙏🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏿👼🏿👼🏾👼🏽👼🏼👼🏻👼😇🥰❤
Lightning strike Gaming
Lightning strike Gaming 9 napja
Me who listening to this through Wireless beats
Sheeeit Mayn
Sheeeit Mayn 9 napja
They just had bass locked down right and everyone was use to tinny ass earbuds with zero bass lol beats still suck compared to real quality headphones.
Le Gia Kien
Le Gia Kien 9 napja
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TheMostHated420 9 napja
i Remember When i Had my First Pair of Headphones Beats Studio In black and also bought The Beatspill + then after that years gone by then switched to the Bose Wireless Buds To The Galaxy Buds Plus Now The Galaxy Buds Pro 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
KrayKaru 9 napja
What about skull candy
Wallahi Wr3
Wallahi Wr3 9 napja
Damn I’m using beats now💀
MRAdam 9 napja
We gotta know me whose boss btw
MRAdam 9 napja
Mario Jimenez
Mario Jimenez 9 napja
Me listening to this video on my Powerbeats pro
MRAdam 9 napja
[KPG] 9 napja
I oddly miss my Pros after this. They sounded like garbage compared to others but I miss em.
藤原氏Haru 10 napja
*What happened to Beats by Dre?* Answer: nothing. They are still doing great and still better than the AirPods and AirPods max, as well as Sony earphones and others. They are probably doing the best out of all of them and will continue to. There’s a reason why people don’t say “hey check out my new Sony earphones!!!” Get real lol nothing is happening to beats by Dre. Saved you a clickx
Shahab Mos
Shahab Mos 10 napja
Eat your potential competitors.
FudgeEyeNah 10 napja
i dont trust beats anymore 🤪
Prod .GregUpNext
Prod .GregUpNext 10 napja
Apple Happened
eman ahmad
eman ahmad 11 napja
mrwhosetheboss: "they need to be good" raycons: "are you sure about that"
Nayan Dugar
Nayan Dugar 11 napja
should I buy beats ep now?
Doug Steel
Doug Steel 11 napja
I can't think of a single piece of intellectual property that Apple would gain from Beats. There really wasn't any. All it was, was an EQ profile, a really bad one at that. There's nothing proprietary. The engineering is particularly cheap. No, they just wanted to remove them from the picture, in a (slightly) covert manner.
Daffa-D 11 napja
'They targeted a market nobody else targeted before' CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS (from passionfruit's newest ads)
Souvik Chatterjee
Souvik Chatterjee 11 napja
Apple is a wicked company
roderick ong
roderick ong 11 napja
Hi Aaron like your accent not too thick
Wilma Hernandez
Wilma Hernandez 11 napja
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Ashley Rodgers
Ashley Rodgers 11 napja
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brittanieschwedner46 11 napja
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Rayden Kombat
Rayden Kombat 12 napja
garbage head sets sold solely on a name eventually every one got wise and stopped buying that garbage.
Daniel Chris Ronan
Daniel Chris Ronan 12 napja
Yo Apple is straight up Gordon Gecko at this point... In this video mrwjosetheboss literally describes Geckos famous strategy of buy em, wreck em, & then sell their assets...🤣🤣
Daniel Chris Ronan
Daniel Chris Ronan 12 napja
I have a $50 pair of JLab JBuds Icons that sound way better than any $300+ pair of Dre Beats earbuds AND headphones...
Liu Cecilia
Liu Cecilia 12 napja
This headset looks very good, but I’m using Naenka’s branded headset recently, Naenka Lite, which is very cost-effective.
Palmer & Piper
Palmer & Piper 12 napja
Your making this like beats is a bad brand now. It's not, they have amazing headphones, and the best for working out.
Palmer & Piper
Palmer & Piper 12 napja
@Chill Sodaa I'll admit most of there headphones sound is ok. But I've watched videos of the power beats pro, and almost everyone I have watched says that the sound quality is the same as the airpods pro.
Chill Sodaa
Chill Sodaa 12 napja
@Palmer & Piper I've tried them, from their cheapest one, to the expensive ones, just really mediocre🙃🙃 too much bass, not really that balanced and just thin mids.
Palmer & Piper
Palmer & Piper 12 napja
@Chill Sodaa they are really not, you should try them\(^o^)/
Chill Sodaa
Chill Sodaa 12 napja
Their headphones were never good in the first place🙃🙃
Tosta Gaming
Tosta Gaming 12 napja
Next thing Spotify are owned by apple
Cliff de Wind
Cliff de Wind 13 napja
This s not the way it went down..Jimmy Iovine told Dre to sell speakers instead of sneakers..check out "The Defiant Ones" on Netflix
Olav August Resmann
Olav August Resmann 13 napja
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Lukas Basnak
Lukas Basnak 13 napja
Own music files is dying :..(
Whers_The_Cheese 13 napja
Yeah.. I'm 15 now and when I got my beats I was like 12 or 13 and they always broke on me and I assure you I am not rough with electronics, I almost always put them in the case (I had the Beats Studio3s) everytime I went somewhere, I always kept them up somewhere to keep them from being dropped (Like seriously I dropped them maybe like 2 or 3 times in whole) I also never took them outside. Yet, my first pair after 7months they fell from like 2 feet off the ground and about 3weeks later the ear base started cracking off. Thankfully, I had a apple care thing, so they just gave me a new pair, but about a year later just from use the side headband started cracking, even now I still have the beats, but feel horrible for having my father spend, at the time 350 dollars for these peices of garbage... I'm probably going to be getting some galaxy buds or bose headphones with my money, considering he spent so much for these.
Daily Dose Of GTA ONLINE
Daily Dose Of GTA ONLINE 14 napja
Any rappers branded stuff sucks as well as cars. Lamborghini phone and all that.
John Southfield
John Southfield 14 napja
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audbhitnote 14 napja
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Mark Frieser
Mark Frieser 14 napja
Umm, this wasn't exactly how the story went. Dre came to Jimmy Iovine and talked to him about a potential sneakers endorsement deal he was being pitched to him by his lawyer. Iovine said to him that he should be selling speakers, not sneakers. I know this because I heard Iovine talk about this first hand, right in front of me, about four years after they started the company. Also, in terms of the Apple deal, it was not only the devices they were buying but in their mind, the expertise of Dre and Iovine to add to their music services as well as the acquisition of Beats music.
Kevin Zhu
Kevin Zhu 14 napja
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Dazdigo 14 napja
Apple is the one that forced all users to use wireless headphone by removing the 3.5 mm jack.
856 Aerö
856 Aerö 14 napja
5:56 wHaT tHe FuCk
Vincent Sullivan
Vincent Sullivan 15 napja
So... Beats sell extraordinarily bad headphones for exorbitant prices. Apple sells extraordinarily bad products of all sorts for exorbitant prices. Seems like a match made in heaven to me!
Nicholas May
Nicholas May 15 napja
Too bad Apple Music still sucks. I honestly gave it a shot, not for me fam, Spotify is life.
jamin4556 15 napja
People realized they were trash as fuck....
Once Yahoo could buy Google in $5 billion but they refused :) Explains everything
David C.
David C. 2 napja
Blockbuster refused Netflix...
DeathZ 6 napja
this bouta blow up lol #verfified mfs jutsu
ସରକାର ବୋସ୍
ସରକାର ବୋସ୍ 7 napja
Happens everywhere. Microsoft turned down youtube. Samsung turned down android.
[Æ Æ]ん
[Æ Æ]ん 13 napja
Imagine a world where yahoo bought google
Ooh verified channel I must like
one23sleep 15 napja
The drop at 5:56 was smooth. 👌
Leo Steffert
Leo Steffert 15 napja
i got a sony headphones ad when i clicked this video
Steelers4Life 15 napja
Me watching this video with Beats on: 👁 👄 👁
Valentino FN
Valentino FN 15 napja
me watching this on my studio 3s and chilling : 😌
Dark Light
Dark Light 15 napja
It is almost the same thing Google did with Waze
David Gibson
David Gibson 16 napja
My son sold them at work and pushed the breakdown/ accidental damage insurance on them... He said the almost always broke as they were cheap crap
Ecco Logg
Ecco Logg 16 napja
i bought beats because of sound, these 2020 ones are good ngl better than most of my headphones.
David Michael
David Michael 16 napja
I tried a pair once, and almost vomited. At the time I tested them, I owned a cheap pair of Sennheisers, a good pair of Audio Technicas, and a middle of the road pair of Skull Candys, and all three were 5x better, and all three combined cost less.
Sammi Humphreys
Sammi Humphreys 16 napja
I’ve got 2 pairs of beats, a wired one and wireless ones and I absolutely love them
FullFledged2010 16 napja
How is apple any different from beats? Both of them sell mediocre performance in a shiny package for insane prices 🤷‍♂️
Chill Sodaa
Chill Sodaa 12 napja
Beats is bought by Apple now👁️👁️ so they're just, together ?? I guess🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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