OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Test Comparison.

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Camera Comparison of OnePlus 9 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - including night mode, 4k video, zoom, slow mo, selfies etc. Do consider subscribing if you like my videos! 😁
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Mrwhosetheboss 21 napja
Took your feedback from the last camera test and tried to implement it all here! Fingers crossed you like it! 🤞 To check out my Unboxing of the OnePlus 9 Pro:
Ari Nielsen
Ari Nielsen Napja
After OP9 pro update as we've heard, are you planning to do retest?
worf_klingon 2 napja
@Mrwhosetheboss: I think you you are testing Mi 11 Ultra vs S21 Ultra... Because I trust im your comparisons and tests I am awaiting your next video :)
Karan Karan
Karan Karan 3 napja
Karan Karan
Karan Karan 3 napja
Ahhhhhh Mr whose the boss pls could I have one of your phonesssss😫😫😩😩😭😭
Fazal Karim
Fazal Karim 7 napja
how you have shooted the scene at 5:00 to 5:03 second
PalmOlive420 7 órája
Remember, even if Samsung has a better camera than the OnePlus 9 Pro, atleast on the OnePlus in Europe, you get the SnapDragon chip. On the other hand, if you buy the Samsung in Europe you get the Exynos cheap. So even if OnePlus has a slightly worse camera than the Samsung S21 Ultra, I would still buy the OnePlus phone just because of that chip that comes with.
Ravindra Jaiswal
Ravindra Jaiswal 11 órája
Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra batter smartphone
Kayz 12 órája
For an up coming company it handles fairly well against Samsung phones from recent generations
Estifanos Tsege Desta
Estifanos Tsege Desta 23 órája
Now i see that one plus's camera is so much stupid i was expecting it to be best but its not 🙄
Vimal Ramachandran
Vimal Ramachandran Napja
One of your few videos that I actually ‘liked‘.
Lars Schmidt
Lars Schmidt Napja
Did he just flip the finger at 3:35 ?
Eric Chen
Eric Chen Napja
Are you doing economics in Nottingham by any chance?
Brooks Napja
The scenery was magnificant
OnePlus 9 Pro does reverse HDR: it simultaneously crushes shadows AND blows highlights. :(
Sagar Bhatt
Sagar Bhatt Napja
What would you recommend between Oneplus 9R VS iPhone 11. Getting both at same prices. Have never been an iphone user before. I have used OP5T so far, Very satisfied. But looking for a right decision to make. So, 9R or iphone 11?
Liron Jaden Samuels
Liron Jaden Samuels Napja
I would go with oneplus since its new it has the modern features like the 65 wat charging ,120hz display. Iphone 11 is fine but oneplus is just modern and better in nearly every aspect
shohug hasan
shohug hasan Napja
So which one I should buy for all the functions?
Ebube Stanislous
Ebube Stanislous Napja
Please review Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72
SAMSUNG : Lest make camera different from other phone OnePlus : Lest just copy Samsung
Ibbro Shekh
Ibbro Shekh 2 napja
i'm your big fan bro
google account
google account 2 napja
I have to wait at the last moment, because i want to know, which sign is used for one plus.
Shahriar Al Washe
Shahriar Al Washe 2 napja
OnePlus has many ways to improve. Hassleblad, Zeiss won't work unless the software calibration is not fair with the camera. I think it's the most weakest aspect of Oxygen/Hydrogen OS that they are not giving the better in camera competition.
jaya surya
jaya surya 2 napja
Samsung 👌👌
Jaron Cabelski
Jaron Cabelski 2 napja
Very straightforward and informative oh, thanks. For a while my head was starting to spin trying to evaluate the Ultras camera specs as a person he's not particularly tech savvy
Charyan Sharma
Charyan Sharma 2 napja
07 b
Nathan Kurian Philip
Nathan Kurian Philip 2 napja
Get nice money in samasung >??
Тесты не тесты
Тесты не тесты 2 napja
Would be amazing to see more low light tests, both photos and videos. Still great content.
ignore your
ignore your 2 napja Do I read this correctly? "German Döner Kebab"?!? Got you, the whole video is fake. :) 8=)
Denis Cantelli
Denis Cantelli 2 napja
Mal comparados
RBK 021
RBK 021 3 napja
Could you please do a similar comparison of Vivo X60 pro too? It would be great to understand the differences between OnePlus 9 pro and Vivo X60 pro cameras
Gagan deep singh
Gagan deep singh 3 napja
I'm exactly using the Galaxy S series but the camera shots are not that much nice.Night mode is shit of s10/20/21.Why you're fooling us man ?? Chutzpah bnane k dhande Hai tere
HIMALAYA Graphics 3 napja
One ➕ is best
Chemistry By Zenish Sir
Chemistry By Zenish Sir 3 napja
Sir, Can you please Do A comparison Between Mi 11 ultra and S21 ultra so that we can make a decision.because no one do comparison better than you😁😁
Shivu 123
Shivu 123 3 napja
Hi sir good morning ❤️
hdtwin 3 napja
I think ppl are too hard on Oneplus photography. My OP7 Pro can take some amazing photos, on par with the S21 Ultra (Yes, I have both phones). Once they get 2 updates on the phone, it will easily be a flagship quality camera. BTW, my S21U freezes and loses frames, but not audio while shooting 1080p 60fps. That's embarrassing. Let's cut Oneplus some slack.
John Thålin
John Thålin 3 napja
Omg is that Rick Astley!!??!???! 🤯
Arkthus 3 napja
I would've liked if you compared the front camera.
Rob Schmitt
Rob Schmitt 4 napja
Samsung S21 microphone sound horrible. Clipping, no hights, wind sounds, no birds. Oh thats really bad.
zakir BHati
zakir BHati 4 napja
Chutiya hai kya tu kiss bra bhri kr raha hai tu
donthuis 4 napja
On my Canon G7X MKI photocamera, optical zoom is limited to 4x and image sharpness is still OK with digital extension to 8x. In practical photograpy and video capture this was almost always enough, my guess is I will hardly need 10x let alone higher So at present I am leaning to buying the cheaper S21 instead, but macro makes me doubt this still: is this worth another €400? Using 30X or higher zooming rates are a nice gimmick to have, but not a decisive argument for me personally. Macro photography once was important to me and photocamera solutions for macro became very pricy, since it is not a mainstream feature PS I use my Smartphone for as long as possible if software updates makes this possible. However my two Motorola's came with ever shorter support schemes and on the latest MOTO G you only get alignment to the actual Android. Way back Motorola had the longest support periods now under Lenovo control the shortest of all. Here Samsung shines with update guarantee up to and including 2025! For anyone not having their smartphones financed by their employer this extended software support, camera included is a real bonus
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 4 napja
The price difference isn't big enough considering 0% 24/36 month finance. Extra £5 per month. Meh, il take the samsung, 'spec king' and all that, just wish they had some 512gb 16RAM in stock.
Khandaker calvin
Khandaker calvin 4 napja
Samsung galaxy s21 ultra wow 😘😘
Asher Amir
Asher Amir 4 napja
Waiting on your video of m21 ultra vs mi11 ultra
Eunchan So
Eunchan So 3 napja
I hope samaung wins or ties
Eunchan So
Eunchan So 3 napja
Yup same
Official: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Official: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 4 napja
Its unfortunate Samsung has so much bloatware that I cant buy into any of their products. The camera comparison doesn't work for me, if I need all the functions talked about here I would just buy a Sony A series. Good review though, thanks
Official: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Official: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 3 napja
@Aalon Pascall Samsung has good tech hardware, but they sold out with all the bloatware. that price im not willing to pay, some dont care about privacy or having software you cant get rid of I do.
Aalon Pascall
Aalon Pascall 3 napja
To each his own
Official: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Official: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 3 napja
@Aalon Pascall I personally like the Oxygen OS from OP, and Hauwei I think has the best phones, period.
Aalon Pascall
Aalon Pascall 3 napja
Samsung literally has the best software of Android right now
Lethal Arayas
Lethal Arayas 4 napja
What you fail to present (like others) is the network signal on phones, easy to do with the same SIM on different phones. I have half of the signal in s20 ultra than my older Mi 9T.
Wes Sovis
Wes Sovis 4 napja
I think that Ultra is on a whole different level with its camera.
Luswepo Mulenga
Luswepo Mulenga 4 napja
"the wide and the ultra wide"(3:34) [the hand gestures]
Muhammad Umair Kazmi
Muhammad Umair Kazmi 4 napja
DO a battle between S21 Ultra vs VIvo X60 Pro Plus...........
Andreas Hartmann
Andreas Hartmann 4 napja
How about a REAL best phone review: THE XIAOMI MI 11 ULTRA
qilu2004 4 napja
the S21 ultra is much more expensive, and charges much slower compared to the 9PRO (25W vs 65W), and its battery drains much faster. If S21 can improve on the power department, and maybe lighten up a bit, it would be really ideal.
Rudra Pratap
Rudra Pratap 4 napja
What about s21 ultra vs x60 pro+ ?
Mustafa Aygordu
Mustafa Aygordu 4 napja
Thank you for clear and smooth language. You should be in marketting bis. Can you pls tell me if there is any different between s21 -s21 ultra. When it comes to camera copm. Such as wide angle.
Please Compare iPhone 12 pro max vs Oneplus 9 pro
storybooc 4 napja
When oneplus launced it was a awesome phone giving high in class quality phone in a budget price. It was a dream affordable phone for all. It was providing awesome features and specs for a budget price and making apple run for their money. But now after each release the price is going higher and higher. Now when we think of buying oneplus phone the price range make us to invest few more money to buy iphone . Oneplus has lost the main reason why oneplus was such a hit phone.
•BãsíçBlùè• 4 napja
1:35 Did u just. rick roll us?...
armaniusmaximus 4 napja
Pretty disappointing for the OP9P. Especially with the premium price.
Alex Ms
Alex Ms 4 napja
In Mike test 9 more better
KicksReview J
KicksReview J 4 napja
The subdued march summarily precede because chef overwhelmingly satisfy qua a whimsical beam. sable, chemical cycle
Stefan Mihai
Stefan Mihai 4 napja
Oneplus using the Hasselblad brand ia a complete stupid, and obviously stupid marketing show, and only a marketing choice, they started out being different to the competition, now all they do is try to copy, but they said it themselves, they want to sell what ever sells... Now that Huawei uses Leica and Oneplus uses Hasselblad, as marketing, i am wondering who will choose another extinct (i know they still produce cameras, but nobody buys them, unless it's for bragging) camera brand to represent their bad phone cameras?
Akash Sk
Akash Sk 5 napja
Puro chittng
Justin Minnaar
Justin Minnaar 5 napja
Please tell your team to stop throwing things at you. I'm worried that one of these days they might hurt you.
Abdul 5 napja
Rahul Girdhar
Rahul Girdhar 5 napja
Loved the comparison. It covered more than what I was looking for. Just one point- people have found that S21 Camera if used for like 20-30 mins straight, the phone heats up. Is it so? (I guess that's with all Samsung phones, but is it still persisting in this Ultra high end phone?)
Issa Yaady
Issa Yaady 5 napja
3:33 - 3:35 BRUH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Max L
Max L 5 napja
I use 5-15x zoom on my huawei mate 30 pro regularly. I will never go back to phone with bad zoom, like iphones.
Avishek 5 napja
So OnePlus pro cam is in vampire at night🧛🧛🧛🧛
Etrit M
Etrit M 5 napja
3:34 the middlefinger - a bit ambiguous xD the best reviewer out there
Sharp eye
Attila Libus
Attila Libus 6 napja
What about a selfie photo quality with or without a screenprotector which covering the front camera??? I've been thinking about this for a while.
Lyndon Daniel
Lyndon Daniel 6 napja
There’s no way the stabilization was a tie. The OnePlus won that hands down.
Rutvik Girish
Rutvik Girish 6 napja
one plus watch unboxing pls
arckpi 6 napja
"They don't care about slow mo anymore" - you got that right. Mine has jittery output in slow mo but not in super slow mo which is ridiculous.
Safi sattar
Safi sattar 6 napja
S21 ultra
How can I do what he did at 5:02?
Bittu Boss
Bittu Boss 6 napja
Hey bro did u also Donate phones
Abid Alam
Abid Alam 6 napja
Fack review
DreamCraft 6 napja
Arun - I think 1080p is gonna feel like relic Me - who is currently watching this video in 480p 😂 well I don't think so...
vv vbk
vv vbk 6 napja
*le me in 144p : Yes that photo looks much better
ron gerhart
ron gerhart 6 napja
Kinda like doing a comparison between my note 10+ 5g vs my lg K51 side by side. But my results weren't anywhere close. But buying the k51 for 70usd org price 100usd at Walmart and had decent specs for a price i was wanting to pay vs the cheaper models. i can't complain does the job. Just doesn't do it as good
A.Srikant varma
A.Srikant varma 6 napja
Bro, I felt Oneplus pics were more realistic and samsung pics looked like Canon colors more saturated 😂
Hemanth kumar Damarla
Hemanth kumar Damarla 6 napja
Bro some negative reviews are coming for Oneplus 9 Pro as there are many issues.Is it true???It has any issues????
Brahim Lokrisio
Brahim Lokrisio 6 napja
Because Samsung paid u more that's why 😂😂
Darshan DC
Darshan DC 6 napja
OnePlus is the best ❤️🔥
LOST SKY 63 6 napja
Me watching at 144p and judging my phone is much better
thatjokerperson 6 napja
Oneplus: "hey we have these camera that have been perfectly colour tuned" "It wAs iNvEnTiNg cOlOuRs"
Lorie Hofer
Lorie Hofer 6 napja
2:44 that will be a relic in 2024 me watching this in 144 p
DR GULATI 6 napja
its one plus roast compare with note 10 plus of samsung one plus will lose there also check gt video
Hi Man
Hi Man 6 napja
Jayed Bin Kibria
Jayed Bin Kibria 6 napja
Bro please compare the iphone12 pro max & vivo x60 pro+ cameras..
MiksteR_RdY 7 napja
05:50 I've watched multiple reviews now and the camera has always been amazing on the 9 pro. Look at this scene. Samsung is KNOWN for smudging photos, blurring them. Every photo I've seen so far of the 9 pro, besides in this review, were looking amazing. Your photos are beyond weird.
TheLimitBreaker 7 napja
both phones camera garbage.... for photo shoot its waste of money I'd buy sony rx100 vii with that money
Mohd Furkan
Mohd Furkan 7 napja
Samsung is always better
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar 7 napja
Iphone 12 pro max camera is best..
Pral1na_pro Player
Pral1na_pro Player 7 napja
Technical Garage
Technical Garage 7 napja
moved mind / poRUSZony UMYSŁ
moved mind / poRUSZony UMYSŁ 7 napja
S21 Ultra vs Mi 11 Ultra please?
MJ Junayed
MJ Junayed 7 napja
Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
raju naick
raju naick 7 napja
Hi sir , what is the best phone i phone 12pro max, Samsung s21 ultra, one plus 9pro please tell me
Pixels 7 napja
8:49 1080p 960fps is possible on my 2017 Xperia XZ Premium, though it's only for a very short duration
Xenia Ansari
Xenia Ansari 7 napja
Please compare the camera of samsung s21 ultra vs vivo x 60 pro plus
Oneplus is a good mobile ❤️👍
Prakash Pakuwal
Prakash Pakuwal 7 napja
Hlo bro make a comparison video odnmi 11 ultra vs oneplus nine pro vs s21 ultra
Marco Pollo
Marco Pollo 7 napja
I figured. I've seen the videos and pics and it looks like Hasselblads first iteration in this space. Maybe the next version or the third will be the best.
Tomáš N.
Tomáš N. 7 napja
The only camera comparisons I watch.. excelent! 1+ is pretty far off the top tier but since 1+ was known for awful cameras... good job 1+
Mrlivegrenades 7 napja
Exactly @ 3:35 He did 🖕 Ultra wide anyone?
Ved Mahorkar
Ved Mahorkar 7 napja
There is one fact that you are uses AI to make photos look good where as oneplus goes for accurate colour saturation......I agree that it has failed at some points but ,if you look all the photos very carefully you will come to know the actual difference......At some point I felt like you just don't want to admit that oneplus has accurate colour science.....
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